Monday 12 April 2021
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The Art of Balance

Growing up, I took a liking for the men and women who had the ability to juggle several balls in the air. I actually, on many occasions attempted to replicate the trick using fruits. Up to date though, the highest number of balls I can keep in rotation is three. And for me, it is quite an achievement considering the trouble I went through to master two balls.

Recently, I realized that this was not much different from our day to day tasks as we grow older. Its common for most adults that as the numbers on our age record accumulate, and responsibilities become even more, we often find less time to attend to the chores and plays that would initially have been part of our daily programs.

It gets much harder to give each and everyone the same amount of attention that you originally gave them when responsibilities were less. This I would like to believe becomes the case with everyone of us as we take up more and more things to do that are meant to benefit one as an individual.
There is significantly less time on your schedule for matters that do not necessarily contribute to self development; things that your future would thank you for. It becomes a bit tedious to attend to a 5:30am gym plan, be at work at 8am, coffee with Sally at 10am, presentation with the boss at 11:30, not forgetting lunch with Joe at 2pm, plus of course the dance lesson at 4pm, a drink with the boys and don’t dare forget its Lucie’s birthday today – better grab a cake before you do dinner at Jakes house (sound anything like you?).

All are programs that need your attention, all of them you must fulfill as commitments that you have made to friends, family and acquaintances, but apart from relational functionality, none of these activities actually plough back into your life in ways that you can really be grateful for.

The art of the juggler is that at every given moment he must make sure to keep the balls moving. He cannot at any point in his stunt find himself with more balls than he can handle in his hands as this will kill the whole show. The balls must keep moving; today it’s Sally tomorrow it’s Cindy, the other day Tom, and then Duke. But if at all, you try to be best-friend-to-all and commit to attend to everyone, be rest assured that you are putting yourself in a very compromising position with the risk of failing at everything.

The best way therefore is to keep it moving, let your ‘businesses’ understand that you cannot attend to them at all times. In order that they get a better you tomorrow they must be able to deal with a growing you today. The ones that truly care about you will understand that at some point in your quest to give them a better friend in you, changes have to be made in your life.

The art of balance depends on this one skill; juggling the balls of your life – taking one step at a time, and making sure that you only slack in any given area but once. Today this is my truth and so I share this because I am facing it.

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