Friday 18 June 2021
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Getting your groove back after the baby

A woman is wearing athletic clothing and is working out at the gym. She is doing sit ups and abdominal crunches.

Oh well the nine months have finally passed and you have welcomed your bundle of joy into the world. It might seem relieving but you still have a lot more of homework to do. Having a baby is the most beautiful thing in the world, but it can also take a toll on you emotionally, physically and financially.

It’s okay to be focused on caring for one’s new baby. But, it is also of essence that new mothers take special care of their bodies after giving birth and while breastfeeding too. Doing so will help them to regain their energy, strength and of course their shape. When one takes care of themselves, they are able to best care for and enjoy their baby.

Your body
According to Doctor Lyasimana Ndaningina, the first changes that happen to a woman’s body after giving birth is the feeling of relief from the weight that they have been carrying. One may also feel some kind of pain depending on the method that was used during birth. “The caesarian might take a few days to heal” she said.

Before Helena Ronnek, a mother of a four year old girl fell pregnant she had gorgeous boobs. “My friends would always say when I fell pregnant, they became even more beautiful. Until I gave birth and everything went downhill, literally. My boobs shrunk and sagged which was devastating because I loved my cleavage. Things just change,” she said.

Helena however feels that women can get their original bodies back by exercising without having to spend a lot of money at the gym. “After all, there won’t even be time to go there because of your new baby,” she added.

“Both pregnancy and labour can affect a woman’s body. After giving birth they will lose about 10 kilograms right away and a little more as body fluid levels decrease. So mothers should not expect or try to lose additional pregnancy weight right away. Gradual weight loss over several months is the safest way, especially if they are breastfeeding,” said doctor Ndaningina

“A healthy eating plan along with regular physical fitness might be all you need because you will be breastfeeding.  They should also avoid spicy food as they could give crumbs to the baby. Mothers should drink a lot of water which is the most important thing.”

She further explained that woman should avoid having babies every year but to at least wait for two years when they have recovered completely from the previous pregnancy. And for those who prefer tying their tummies, they should do so after a month or a month and a half because all the organs will be in place by then.

After childbirth, one may feel sad, weepy, and overwhelmed for a few days. Many new mothers have the ‘baby blues’ after giving birth. Changing hormones, anxiety about caring for the baby, and lack of sleep all affects their emotions. Ndaningina is of the opinion that depending whether the pregnancy was planned or not, it might have an effect on one’s emotions. “It also depends whether the child is healthy or not because if the baby is sick, of course they might not feel happy. They might be worried,” she said.

She advises that they remain patient with themselves because these feelings are normal and usually go away quickly.

Ebba Silvanus feels that every time a mother goes into a clothing store, she will straight go to the kiddies department. “Sometimes your child won’t even need anything but you just want to buy something for them. It is better if one tries to stay away from shops because it will hurt their finances. You’re already buying necessities which cost a fortune; sometimes a kid doesn’t need nice-to-haves. I would also advise getting hand-me-downs from your family members who’ve already had children. Your child will grow every week, and it’s hard to keep up. Rather save money for your child’s education, or even a pair of nice shoes you’ve been eyeing for a while,” she said.

Ndaningina adds that women must plan when to have their babies. “They must use contraceptives and try to create a good environment before the baby is born.”

Get some rest
The first few days at home after having your baby are a time for rest and recovery — physically and emotionally. You need to focus your energy on yourself and on getting to know your new baby. Even though you may be very excited and have requests for lots of visits from family and friends, try to limit visitors and get as much rest as possible. Don’t expect to keep your house perfect. You may find that all you can do is eat, sleep, and care for your baby. And that is perfectly okay. Learn to pace yourself from the first day that you arrive back home. Try to lie down or nap while the baby naps. It is better if women avoid doing too much around the house and allow others to help them and don’t be afraid to ask for help with cleaning, laundry, meals, or with caring for the baby.

Mothers tend to put their babies above themselves which is good but  its better if they don’t do that at the expense of their own health. It’s okay to take time out because that’s what friends and families are for anyways. It took nine months for the body to change and that means it won’t go back to normal in a few weeks after birth which is why mothers need to do their homework well.

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