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The Perfect Wedding Dress – Go for the Best

Nearly every girl spends her life dreaming about her wedding day, the dress she will wear, the man she’ll marry and the venue where she will recite her vows. Choosing the right wedding dress can be one of the most fun, exciting and memorable moments of wedding preparation yet of course one of the most stressful.

Envisioning ones wedding as a little girl is probably the dress that glows white and luminous in the forefront of the fantasy. The dress leads the processional of objects that comprise the wedding day, with flowers, photographs, and food stepping into line behind her stunning lead. The dress, like any object into which people pour vast amounts of time, money, and energy, is like an inanimate guest on the list. It is important that its presence at the wedding makes sense.

“Picking out the perfect bridal gown for your wedding can be exciting, exhausting and also frustrating,” says the owner of the Downtown Bliss Boutique, Lu Fu as she  share a few tips to making the whole process easier and more enjoyable in order to make you feel beautiful and confident on your big day.

Fu advices that the bride starts to look early and try on different wedding gowns, but should however not overdo it. “It’s nice to have family and friends around while doing your gown shopping but keep in mind what YOU want and be decisive. I know it’s much harder to do this rather than saying it, but remember it’s going to be your day, and pick whatever makes YOU feel beautiful and confident,” she added.

Fu cautioned the brides to avoid ordering a wedding gown without seeing how it looks on them in the mirror. “It doesn’t have to be the exact same dress but at least you need to be sure that the particular style you want to order complements you well,” she said.

Pear-Shaped Body
According to Fu an A-line styled gown which has a skirt that gradually flares out might be a good choice for a Pear-Shaped bride. “This type of gown can hide away the problem areas while still highlighting the narrowness of the midsection at the same time,” she stated.

Apple Shaped
Fu continued to say that apple shaped brides should however avoid trumpet style dresses because they enhance the widest area of their bodies. “Look for a dress that appraises the smallest point on the waist line, a good bodice that is close-fitting and would create a camouflage effect and a deep V neckline would draw eyes to the upper part of your body,” she said.

Hourglass shaped body
Moreover, for an hourglass shaped bride who wants to flaunt their assets, they can pick something that is tight and curve-hugging such as a Mermaid styled gown. “Be aware though this style constricts your movement, yet it’s definitely a head turner,” advised Fu.

Less feminine figure
Fu continued to advise that if a bride has a less feminine figure, they should try the dramatic ball gown, which has a very full skirt. “The fullness of the dress will make you look more womanish and curvier.”

Curved body
“If you are on the curvy side and wants to show it, then a trumpet style gown might be the way to go. This style has a straight-lined skirt that subtly flares from the knee toward the hem in a trumpet shape,” said Fu. She however warned that the bride might not be able to move as freely as they would in the other more relaxed styles.

Plus sized body
Furthermore, a plus sized bride who doesn’t want to bring too much attention to their problem areas, Fu said that they may try an empire A-line dress with a skirt that begins just under the bust and flows onto the floor. “Do keep in mind when choosing the fabric of the gown that fabrics like satin can provide more structure than flowy lace. It’s also very important to remember that a gown that’s too puffy can actually make you look bigger and less flattering.”

Petite sized body
And finally a petite body bride should try to avoid anything that’s too voluminous or with a drop waist. “The goal is to make you appear taller with long legs so pick a style with a waistline above your natural waist to create an illusion of longer lower body,” said Fu.
“In general though, A-line gowns are the safest with most body types and with minor modifications, every bride can look stunning in them,” said Fu.

Remember that unless you have your wedding gown tailor made, it’s not going to fit you perfectly when you buy an already made gown. Make sure that you make the necessary alternations and do a final fitting right before the wedding, because most brides either lose or gain weight between the time the dress was purchased and the wedding day.

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-10-26-31-am  screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-10-26-54-am screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-10-27-06-amTo pick out the perfect wedding gown, it’s also crucial to consider the location and the style of the wedding. For instance, if you are planning a beach wedding, a simple yet romantic flowy lace dress might be better than a ball gown. However, if you are going for the grand style, a more dramatic and complicated gown might be the way to go.

If you are having your ceremony in the church or somewhere more conservative, make sure you find a gown that doesn’t expose too much skin, or simply put on a bolero which can be easily taken off for the after party.

Choosing the right footwear
In as much as it is stressful to find the right wedding dress, wedding shoes can make or break one’s day. Picking a pair of wedding shoes that are uncomfortable, unflattering, or downright painful, can even be the worst.

Fu said that when it comes to finding the perfect pair of footwear for the gown, the first thing one should consider is the comfort level of them because they will have to be in them for an entire day and nobody wants to walk down the aisle or dance with blisters on their feet. “Either you can choose something with lower heels or add some padding to the inside of the shoes to create more cushion and extra support. Once the comfort is settled, make sure you pick the shoes based on the location of your wedding (i.e. Beach vs. Church), the color and the fabrics of the gown, and your budget. Try not to break an arm or a leg, after all most brides do not wear their wedding shoes again afterwards,” she advised.

To complete the look, you of course can never forget about the makeup and the hairstyle. Everyone has different preferences and likes, but the bottom line is to have the hair style and make up complement the gown. To avoid a cheesy look, stay away from too much bling-bling and jewelry, and be elegant and classy instead.
For the ceremony itself, most brides carry a flower bouquet (real or artificial) while walking down the aisle. Some brides like to accessorize by carrying a clutch throughout the wedding day, but it’s best to keep your hands free unless it’s completely necessary because you would want to greet and toast your guests.

The groom
When it comes to the groom’s attire, first and foremost, you should make sure that it fits well and is comfortable. Secondly, consider the theme/style and the location of the wedding. If you are going to have a super duper grand and formal wedding, you should probably wear tuxedo with black tie; If it’s a romantic and relaxed beach wedding, a loose white cotton shirt might go well with the beachy breeze; or you are in between, then maybe just a 3-piece suits. Again, the color and the fabric of the attire should go well and complement the brides’ wedding gowns.

The bridesmaids
Choosing bridesmaids is just as important as choosing the right wedding dress. Besides being an honored member of the wedding party and special guest at the reception, bridesmaids are also designated as the bride’s special assistant. So why not make your bridesmaids as beautiful as are on your big day. The look of brides brings out the harmony and feel of the wedding.

Fu says that how the bridesmaids look depends on what the bride decides. “After all, it’s her big day so everyone else will unfortunately have to compromise. The rule of the thumb is not to outshine the bride. The same goes for the groomsmen,” she states.

What’s trending
The fashion world comes up with the so called ‘trends’ every season, naming what’s popular and what’s so yesterday. However, you need to remember you are the shining star of the big day and it’s you that make the wedding gown beautiful. The dress doesn’t wear you. The confident bride is the most gorgeous bride.

Fu said that 2016 is the year of lace and multi-layer flare ball gowns adding that one gives the bride an extremely romantic feel, while the other one crowns her a princess.

Downtown Bliss Boutique is situated in the Pupkewitz MegaCentre shopping plaza, Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek. It offers a large selection of wedding gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses, flower girl gowns, men and boy 3-piece suits, bridal accessories and wedding ceremony props / accessories. Visit to select the style and size you want and they can place an order for you.

By Selma Shiwaya

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