Friday 16 April 2021
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screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-10-49-16-amscreen-shot-2016-09-16-at-10-49-46-amI would first and foremost like to appreciate the opportunity accorded to myself and this publication in producing this wedding supplement. It could not have come at a more opportune time, seeing that the period between August and December is considered as the peak season for weddings in Namibia. It is during this period that families become one and traditional practices displayed for all to see as couples say “Yes I do”.
The aim of this supplement is to set the cultural agenda, evoke stimulating conversation and to enhance public debate on topical issues related to wedlock as well as the importance of supporting local diamonds.After all, weddings have become the new stamp to a legalised commitment and the start of building a family and hopefully countless happy years together. The wedding supplement thus celebrates the journey from the onset of any relationship to the days after a couple reaches a conscious decision to tie the knot.
The preparation is known to not only be an experience but exhausting too. From the selection of the ring, the signature wear, the vows and bringing loved ones together to celebrate the beginning of a marriage.
Weddings take more than just a simple invite and often those central to the planning find themselves caught up with too much on their plate. The day specifically is to host those who come to celebrate and those who come to feed the eye of critic. As such, it is important to plan affordably and at the same time make sure that all angles are covered.
Central to organizing a blissful wedding is the ring.
The role of the ring plays as an eternal reminder of the vows each partner has taken on their big day. As such, this very same ring needs to be dressed with a shining diamond. Diamonds add a lot of physical value to the ring. This supplement, amongst other objectives, aims to promote the purchasing of local diamonds for wedding rings and other jewellry of personal preference. Namibia is one of Africa’s top quality diamond producing nations.
A crème de la crème selection of Namibian diamonds are available to those who wish to don rings made up of Namibian diamonds and other gem stones. We feel this knowledge not many people have, although they ought to. As such, couples merely enter jewellery shops and ask for a diamond decorated ring, oblivious about the stone’s origin.
We are at a stage where Namibians need to promote Namibian products and also make it their priority purchases at any given time. For this reason, we join the singing chorus of those advocating for Namibians to prioritise wearing the Namibian diamond. In fact, Namibian diamonds shine brighter.
The discourse around weddings also include traditional and modern areas of choice that couples have to choose as to which route to follow. While others may choose to honour their traditions by hosting traditional weddings, many in the urban areas have resorted to more modern weddings that are often attended only by a select few.
It is worth noting that the wedding ceremony itself only lasts for a day while the marriage is expected to last “Till Death Do us Apart”. Consequently we trust that your focus will remain on the true essence of marriage which is hoped to last a lifetime.
Divorce is on the increase and reasons as to why marriages are dissolved have opened up the discussion on how to keep the promise intact. We also find it fitting that couples reach informed decisions before deciding to tie the knot. It is not all about the glittery day but the days after. We also investigate the legal contract that couples can take should they decide not to go for the customary marriage.
As The Patriot, we deem it adequate that couples get a thorough insight into both the In and Out of Community of Property principle. This supplement sat down with couples who have enjoyed years of blissfull marriage together. Couples need advice on how to approach marriage after expensive wedding celebrations, therefore before walking down the aisle couples are advised to get as much advise as possible.
The spiritual aspect is another important field that is often neglected. Christian communities continue to assert that it is pivotal for couples to say their vows in the eyes of the Lord for blessings to protect their marriage. Others on the other hand, choose to rather get married in the eyes of the Magistrate. It is all really about preference.
It is true that first impressions last. It is for this reason that couples find it priority to ink their wedding signature as visible as they can. It is a one day event so it needs the right shine and only the Namibian diamond can do justice.
We would like to appreciate our partner NDTC for agreeing to partner with us in this illuminating journey. We would also like to thank our patriotic readership that has continuously believed in the balanced and fair reporting of the publication. The wedding supplement is the start of many projects, so enjoy.

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