Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Diamonds sparkle in the Namibian House

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-11-13-27-amscreen-shot-2016-09-16-at-11-14-36-amWe would first like to appreciate our partnership with The Patriot newspaper in the production of this supplement. This partnership was developed in line with our commitment to celebrating the unrivaled excellence of Namibian Diamonds and ensuring that Namibians take pride in this product to the extent of insisting on Authentic Namibian diamonds in our jewellry purchase lists.

If you’re reading this supplement and is in the process of preparing for your upcoming wedding, than you’ve picked up the right supplement.
The supplement will help you navigate through your preparations with ease while leaving you with the added bonus of a new awareness of the importance and exquisite beauty of Namibian diamonds.

I am inclined to believe that after reading these pages, you will insist on an authentic Namibian diamond in your wedding band as a lasting symbol of your love for one another as well as an expression of your pride in these rare Namibian beauties. After all diamonds are forever and you deserve the best of the best.

As Namibia’s rough diamond trading company, NDTC prides itself in being positioned as the balancing factor between the upstream segment of the diamond pipeline, which deals with exploration and mining and the downstream segment of the pipeline that deals with the cutting, polishing of diamonds as well as the manufacturing of jewelry.

Our role in Namibia is unique in that we are mandated to sort, value, and market Namibian Diamonds both locally and internationally, a mandate that has enabled NDTC to declare and pay out dividends to the tune of 1 billion to its shareholders.

We do not take our role lightly of making diamonds available for sale in Namibia for local manufacturing. In so doing, we support the economic agenda of the Namibian Government by helping drive beneficiation, value creation, and job creation from the diamond resources.  We are focused and committed to raising the quality of life for everyone in the Namibian House. We want all Namibians, regardless of race, creed or circumstance to achieve their full potential.

Over the last 8 years NDTC has supported and contributed significantly to assist various initiatives succeed through its corporate social responsibility funding. These projects varied from educational projects under which a number of schools continue to benefit through funding, Art, sports & culture, Health as well as Sports.

We optimistically look forward to the future, while remaining focused and committed to playing our part as a responsible corporate citizen in raising the quality of life for everyone in the Namibian House.

In 2007, we launched the Shining Lights Awards, a program as a beneficiation project.  The project forms part of NDTC’s corporate social responsibility role in promoting and developing design capabilities among the youth, as a form of employment creation as well as skills training.
Over the last 8 years beneficiaries benefited.

While launching the 2016 Shining Lights Awards, Minister of Mines and Energy Obed Kandjoze made it clear that as Namibia embarks on the quest to industrialize the economy and bring about inclusive economic growth it is essential that Namibians particularly the youth are adequately skilled in order to fully exploit entrepreneurial and business opportunities that this process undoubtably will present.

“This also presents opportunities for cooperation between relevant educational institutions across the Southern African region and it is my sincere wish that these opportunities are explored to the fullest,” the honorable minister said.

As NDTC, our views are in sync with those of Minister Kandjoze because only inclusive economic growth and equitable resource distribution can lead this shining nation to prosperity.


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