Friday 16 April 2021
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Now you see me

Once upon a time, there was a man who was travelling on sea to place far away. He was a man of great faith in the existence of the supernatural and the presence of a higher power that guided his every step. Having acquainted himself to the various requirements of scriptural living, he was by no doubt destined for the land spared for those that successfully prove a righteous cause. Whether it is alms giving, humility or diligent study, his was a mission to acquaint himself with the times that lay ahead of his life on earth.
While sailing in a boat to a place that he was convinced had been destined to be his final resting place, a thunderous storm came and swept him to and fro on the vicious waters of that fateful day. After a long and outrageous battle with the water, his boat eventually succumbed to the power with which the waters had possessed leading to his boat capsizing throwing him into the water where he swam for dear life for the brief minutes he could gather strength. He eventually got hold of his boat that had been turn upside down but was still afloat.
In those moments, his mind spun around as he tried to digest the possibility of him not reaching the land that he was so sure was purposed for him. He shook his head in disbelief and exclaimed to the audience of the birds that flew over his head as moments slowly passed away. He realized in that moment that all his life had been dedicated to the service of a higher power. That in all he did, his greatest mission was to be proven faithful at the end of his long and joyful earthly adventure.
The man begun to pray for a miracle. Unlike the many that he had spent his life praying for, this one was his own. He realized that he was his only option out of these many waters surrounding him. True to his prayer, less than 5 minutes he wrapped up his prayer there came a boat the size of his own, the men on a similar voyage as his, offered assistance to him. To their amazement he refused their help alluding instead to the hand of his creator that would come and save his dear life.
Soon after the boat, a coast guard boat also came by and offered him assistance; he refused their help, preferring rather to be saved by the supernatural. Not to long after, a rich mans yacht was using the same route and he offered help to the drowning man. The man refused to receive this help too.
After the boat, coast guard and yacht had all left him there, he inevitably passed on. On his arrival in the heavens, he was met by angels who welcomed him to his new home. He was very excited about having made the cut and realizing that his efforts and sacrifices on earth where not in vain but where rewarded with this life he would enjoy hence forth. All was glitter and gold until he met his creator.
At this point a feeling of anger loomed in him against the creator for not having saved him when he needed him most. He lashed out accusing his superpower of subjecting the man to a painful death despite his faithful and obedient lifestyle. His rage was ended in shock when his master said; “I sent you a boat, you refused. I then sent you the coast guard, which you also refused. Lastly I sent you a yacht – but even this you refused. Thrice I saved you today and in all three you doubted my ways.”
It is an issue of identifying opportunities. The end.
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