Friday 16 April 2021
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Cancer can’t keep Mandoza down

screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-9-55-05-amNews broke on social media on Tuesday, 06 September 2016 that Mandoza’s health has relapsed and is now fighting for his life.

The kwaito star was diagnosed with brain cancer in May last year and has since been in and out of hospital. His health was handled with discretion until it cabled out after he was rushed to hospital twice in two months.

The family had characterized his health scares to his sinus problems, one of when it he was actually battling with cancer. Mandoza, real name Mduduzi Tshabalala, is said to be lucky to have the cancer detected early and received treatment immediately that he was declared cancer free. “He has officially been declared cancer free, which is amazing,” said his wife Mpho in an interview early this year.

2016 seemed to be good year in the health department for the kwaito star until the news broke the social media. His wife has had him in her care throughout his illnesses over the two years. In an interview she had on the same day the ‘not-so-good’ news broke out, emotional strain and hoping her husband will recover was quite evident as she did not want to elaborate on his condition but rather referred most questions to the statement her husband’s family has released. Mpho has however confirmed that Mandoza is currently at home.

A former manager and close friend to Mandoza, Vaughn Eaton said that when he spoke to him he was hopeful about his recovery as his physical body felt well, the only thing that had him complaining were recurring headaches. Eaton has been friends with Mandoza and is considered to be a close friend to the family, he gave a bit of disclosed information on the kwaito star “He is going back into hospital on 21 September. He will be going for chemotherapy. He’s just been challenged with his eyesight, but he is very positive and hopeful that the medicine will help,” he said.

Cancer survivors are such inspirational people because its punitive grades are not easy to witness on others, let alone overcome. One thing that makes Mandoza a whim right now is that regardless of the condition his is in, he is determined to make an appearance at the Orlando Stadium for the 100 artists for R100 event happening tomorrow. In fact, the appearance was confirmed by his longtime producer Gabi Le Roux.

“He is at home and under treatment, undergoing various kinds of treatment. The conventional medical treatment from the doctors that are dealing with him, but we are also pulling out all the guns. We are employing alternative medicine as well. Details I don’t need to tell you”, he said.

In an interview on Wednesday, Le Roux added that Mandoza cannot see at the moment. But is able to get up and move around freely with the kids and the guidance of someone. How he will be feeling on the day is unknown but, he is determined to be there. “He will be accompanied by his doctors and members of Chiskop,” said Le Roux.

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