Friday 16 April 2021
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Handbags lady’s second best friend


These days, a majority of modern women carry a handbag of some sort. For women, handbags are an essential and important fashion investment. They adore and treasure their handbags as much as they treasure their heels and diamonds. One can just say that handbags have become indispensable companions of most women for various purposes.

Women can hardly do without handbags which are cute fashion accessories for them. Handbags are as important as a scarf, belts, and heels to a women’s wardrobe. No dressing is complete for an average woman without a handbag because it adds glamour to her appearance. However, handbags serve different purposes to different women.

Golden Shiimi, says that a handbag is not only important but compulsory for a woman. “Whereas a man would probably only need his phone and wallet which often fits into their pockets, ladies often carry around a whole house compressed into a bag. Other than that, a handbag is also a sign of feminity,” added Golden. Golden carries her handbag everywhere and the size and type varies according to the occasion. “My office bags are always bigger. For the evening I prefer a smaller version like a clutch or sling bag,” she said.

According to Sonia Khakhane, who owns about twelve handbags, handbags are like a bigger version of her diary. “All that I own is literally in my bag so it really is my life. But there is always that one black handbag that I can’t seem to change,” she said. Handbags look very feminine and stylish and depending on the design, it can be for casual or for formal wear to a woman.

Monika Konkola, a student, gave two possible reasons why women carry handbags. She said that most women carry handbags to protect their valuable items like phones, make-up kits and cash and also to add self-esteem to their personality. “Women’s pockets are smaller than that of men, that is, if there is any at all and women tend to have more things to carry around and this can only be possible with a bag,” Monika said.

However, not every woman loves carrying a handbag. Atuhe Namupala, said it is a little bit stressful to carry a handbag all the time. “I personally do not like the idea. I just go out with my purse and I feel more comfortable without my bags,” she said.

Keeping it hygiene
Make-up and perfume spills and leftover sweets are some of the things found in a lady’s handbag. A handbag is not just a carrier for things that one might need and use daily, but a breeding ground for germs if not taken care of.

It is important that women clean their handbags regularly with antibacterial soap. This should involve careful cleaning of the surface, inside and outside, daily with a cloth. Avoid placing your handbag in high-risk bacteria zones, such as bathroom or kitchen counters, floors and toilet seats. And keep your bag tightly closed at all times.
Even if you sanitize after you use the toilet, bacteria remains on the outside and inner linings of your purse. The concept of washing your hands for 20 seconds with good friction after you touch your purse may seem absurd, but is highly recommended.

Wipe the items in your bag, including make-up containers and cellphone, using antibacterial wipes. Don’t forget to clean the bottom of the bag and handles.

Handbag must haves
As for Golden Shiimi her phone, purse, lipstick, mascara, keys, comb, diary, pen, charger and perfume are things that she keeps in her handbag.

It is of necessity that women keep hygiene wipes in their handbags at all times. Throughout the day, hands may come into contact with a lot of items and surfaces. A day hardly goes without shaking hands and sneezing into them, or touching dirty money and handles and these could all be germ-infested.

A compact mirror is also of essence to a woman. It may come in handy when one needs to touch up make-up. Moreover, a woman should always carry a tampon or sanitary pad with. There is nothing worse than needing a tampon or sanitary pad when you don’t have one. Carrying it in a handbag ensures that they are always prepared.

Bad breath can be a huge turn off. Therefore, carrying mints or mint gum can save one from the embarrassment of bad breath. Furthermore, chapped, cracked and dry lips are not attractive. So, a woman should always carry some kind of moisturiser, be it a lip gloss or balm. Just in case you need to look fancy, throw lipstick in there, too. No one wants to have ashy hands, so hand lotion is a definite must!

Coming down with a flu and need to blow your nose? Tissues in the handbag will come in handy. There will be a lot of instances when they come to a woman’s rescue, including when something spills in the bag.

Ever had such a hectic morning that you get to work, only to realise that you didn’t put deodorant on? Are you running around, especially on hot summer days, and feeling self-cautious about your body odour? That emergency deodorant may rescue you from that “sticky” situation, so carry one in your handbag!

A woman’s handbag can be her signature piece and statement. Just as various clothes are worn for different occasions, bags are also selected to suit different occasions. Moreover, they do not only add to a woman’s look but also help a woman carry her accessories while on the go.

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