Tuesday 13 April 2021
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You’ve not been to the top until you climb the Waterberg

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While many have not yet fathomed the fact that domestic tourism can be lots of fun, the Waterberg Plateau Park is one of many national parks to launch your personal journey in proving that the Land of the Brave is indeed a living beauty.

The Namibia Wildlife Resort national park is a prominent feature that is elevated high above the plains of the Kalahari.

This is a place that was once a desert and now introduces you to one of the most beautiful landscapes. Desperate for a weekend  away from town to a different surrounding that offers almost all of nature, then Waterberg is your place.

From the history books, the plateau is largely inaccessible so in the early 1970s, several of Namibia’s endangered species were translocated there to protect them from predators and poaching. The program was very successful and Waterberg now supplies other Namibian parks with rare species.

Besides the excellent hospitality, the ecologically diverse park is blessed with over 200 different species of birds and is home to the rare antelope family amongst other wild animals that you would not find alongside the roads or other national parks. All you need is time and you can have the best of both worlds.

The Waterberg provides any visitor with plenty of options from camping to indoor well-maintained chalets. You have an option to take the family chalet, premier chalets or enjoy the silence and the sounds of birds in the bush chalets. The vegetation is contrastingly beautiful such that regardless of whether you decide to cam or take the rooms, you still get to enjoy the decorated scenery. While the rooms may not be as modern, they are spacious and neat thus settling the score on comfort. Visitors are advised to make their booking beforehand as the park can be fully booked during peak seasons.

Service is priority
While it is every visitors wish to get the best of services, the NWR team has made it their priority to offer the best service. CJ at the bar restaurant shares that it is his duty to make sure that whoever visits the bar will have fun galore and also have a memorable stay. “I like doing research and it makes it easy for me to always engage my customers and so I make sure they have the best time at the resort.”

The historical restaurant was built in 1910 by the Germans and it still stands strong. Visit this bar and have a taste of the traditional ‘springbok’ drink that leaves customers asking for more. The bar also stocks the famous Malawi Shandy on top of other beer, ciders and hard liquor. Those entrusted with making sure your stay is the best are willing to go an extra mile to satisfy the customers.

German and Herero Cemetery
The site is also home to one of the major hallmarks in Namibian History. It was at Waterberg, on the foothills, that the Herero people lost their last and greatest battle against German colonial forces at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Herero were forced to retreat from the Waterberg and headed eastward to British Bechuanaland (now Botswana). Thousands were killed by the pursuing Germans and many lost their lives in the Kalahari Desert due to lack of food and water. Estimates are that nearly two thirds of the Herero population lost their lives during this period.
The graves of German soldiers who lost their lives at Waterberg can still be viewed near the Waterberg rest camp at the base of the park. The cemetery is one of many reasons why the park has recorded many German decedent visitors. The cemetery of the Kambazembi people is however secret and is not open to the public. Also, it is said that no women are allowed to visit the cemetery.

Game Drive
They say you have not been to the Waterberg Plateau Park if you have not climbed the mountain. For starters, it is fun to do the actual climbing to the top. An exellent alternative is to go on a morning game drive and view the sun rise on top of the plateau with qualified guide Linus.

He advices that the best season to go on game drives are during the winter season, you will at any time find the wild animals at the water holes. “Everybody wants to see the buffalo, roan antelope and the black and white rhino. This is just to mention a few,” mentioned Linus as we went off for the drive.

The place is a different, blessed with water from their own fountains. It is unique, historical and worth your time away from town for fresh air. Take your camera with as moments at the park are worth capturing. Visit the NWR’s website for rates but surely visit the park for a living experience.

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