Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Ever got that feeling in the middle of the night waking up to the realization that there is a path you’re taking, but it’s not yours? A moment where you feel a punch – but nothing external – all in your mind. Getting to a point with yourself where you realize that at one stage or another you might have strayed from the path that you initially started on. You know very well that your current direction is not a positive one; it’s a path that you have taken because of your fears to face the reality of the task that lies ahead of you. Or maybe you took it because in that moment it felt, and actually still does feel, more appealing and in fact easier to achieve. Finding yourself in a corner that no one but you put yourself when you decided that a compromise was not the worst thing that ever happened to you.
Now here you are beating yourself about how you have to take that walk of shame to catch up with all those that you started with. It’s little comfort that we all have different journeys in life, seeing as you know very well that you lost yours. For some reason, I am convinced that am speaking to someone here. Someone who has a vision, has a goal, and has even started to work towards them. But at this point, they are nowhere near where they thought they would be. They are probably further behind than where they started from. Living life like a wedding line-up dance; 2 steps forward 3 steps backward, then 3 steps forward and 2 steps backward again. For every success they are counting in their walk towards their goals, they can attest to 5 other negatives that they have to encounter just so they can call for one small achievement.
It is hard; being the one that just has to make it. No option. No choice. No alternative at all, you just have to make it. Your success, you know is not yours alone, it’s for your sick mother in the village, and for your illiterate young brother that counts on you to some day salvage him from the dust he chews daily. You know that it is even beyond this generation. You are working hard today for a little girl child that is one day going to call you “Daddy”, or even that 2 year old boy currently being nursed in your laps – your son. You just have to make it bra! We have no option and we know it. Beat yourself for as long as you like, drink it out on the Friday, jog it off every evening. Whatever it is that you do to reboot your mind and get back on track, do what you’ve got to do, but in the end, get back on track!
No one said it was easy, but still no one dare say you cannot do it. You must, you have to and you will. Get up and go, now, and make that difference that you surely know is even beyond your own imagination. This is not a motivation piece. Am only speaking to those who can relate; the ones that believe that it is doable, even with a brick wall right in their faces
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