Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Matric – a curse from heaven and a blessing from hell

You love school? Good for you. If you ask me to write a book about my high school life, I will write something bigger than Elizabeth Elgin’s ‘One Summer In Deer’s Leap.’
Because I will write all the questions I never asked, all the answers I never gave. Not deliberately though. The hard time I had in the library trying to find answers to questions I was too shy to ask, only to still go and stand waiting for my teacher at the office. The things I did in secret. How I cried over a twenty percent test failure. Tons other.
Being a matriculant is nothing more than showing people that you are in a higher grade or that you have more responsibilities.
It is making people realise that you know your responsibilities and you can fulfil them for your own good, and that in the end, your results will make your people happy.
You should love school. Most of us are not good in everything. If you have an area that you do well in, press harder. It might give you sight of how to sort out your difficulties in the ones you are not that good at.
The only times we should push ourselves is not when we think we can, but when we think we can’t.
Your study environment. Very important. A wise lady once said “your friends determine who you are.” Those who you study with are bound to determine how you will pass.
Try to surround yourself with positive energy. Pray too. Not for an easy school life, but for the strength to overcome the hardships in school life.
There is no such thing as a stupid question. If you do not ask, you will never know. In fact, you will remain stupid then.
Whenever I felt I was too shy to ask, I would jot down whatever it was and ask later. It does not work with everyone though.
School is simply the 12 year course that everybody has to do.
Give yourself some time to calm down. Then get into your thoughts and figure things out. Finding ways to be comfortable in it. How can I get myself to love this? Find time to identify yourself as a learner.
Open your heart to hard work, and avoid the negative thoughts of giving up. Thousands of other people are doing it too, for what reason should you not try harder. It is like a game. It is all up to how well you play, and papers are quite unpredictable.
Love school. Love this curse, because the chances of escaping it are quite narrow – we don’t even see them. Opt to see a successful end to your vision.
It all starts with getting the right answers to your matric exams. Let your brain be your storeroom. Keep everything in there. Because that is the only thing they allow in the examination room.
All he best.

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