Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Many a time, people beat themselves up on their inability to achieve the goals that they may have set many years ago. It is a common practice for people to set goals, some achievable and others quite exaggerated. This is not criminal in any way. Dreaming is actually encouraged in order to maintain confidence in yourself.

One mistake that most of us make in a quest to set flamboyant goals, even when mentioned to colleagues sounds nothing close to the dream life that we imagine we can be without considering where and who we are.  It is true that anything is possible; in fact, the sky is no longer the limit. Human beings have demonstrated that by simply reaching a need that exists in society, they can be propelled to world fame.

We must however, before setting our goals, look deeply within ourselves to analyse what potential we have to succeed and to make the difference that we expect to see and be a part of. Whereas you largely admire the Mercedes Benz as it drives by and wish with all your strength that one day, you would be in the driving seat of that luxurious machine, what have you done to get yourself even a drivers’ licence? Have you made the effort to inquire on how the car works – its consumption, speed or unique features?

You one day wish to become the Bill Gates of our Africa, what applications and software do you have on your computer and what do you use them for? Have you attempted to develop any inventions or to code an application that can better your own lifestyle first? You have been praying the Lord for a husband who is reputable and has a stable habit of financial expenditure; where do you hang out? What type of men does your speech and dress code attract?

You are resolute on becoming a professor or doctor in the shortest period of time, yet like most of us students, you are sleeping during classes. What ways have you educated yourself even through the internet and other methods? What do you know about your field and the area in which you expect to be a specialist? You say you want to be renowned business person in the next five years; name one thing you have successfully sold in the past six months? What are your connections, who do you know and how are you getting in touch to create your network? Have you applied for any tenders?

My point is that you have to do something. Nothing is just going to walk into your room and present itself for your use. Get back to the drawing board and next to every goal, create a timeline, and even more important, list down what it is that you have that will help propel you to achieve that which you want in your life. Introspect; inspect yourself. One simple way is by carrying out what is known as a SWOT test. This is to table down your STRENGTH’s in relation to achieving your dreams; what are your WEAKNESSES from an objective point of view? Look around you and identify your OPPORTUNITIES, and lastly, list down your THREATS.

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