Thursday 6 May 2021
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Embrace your small space

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.07.22 AM Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.07.42 AMDecorating a small room can be challenging, but every room also has assets. Furniture arrangement can make or break a space. You therefore need to approach decorating a small area smartly in order to get the best out of the space available.
Avoid using large or bulky furniture pieces. Remember that the furniture should be in scale with the room size. “Leggy” pieces, glass tables and see-through furnishings will make a room seem less full thereby creating space. Opt for round coffee and side tables, as they are easier to move around and will take up less space. Mirrors, if used correctly, will visually expand a room whilst also reflecting light, making it seem brighter.

Rather use plain fabrics and solid colours on walls. Minimize the use of patterns as this could potentially become too busy which could make the room seem smaller than is already is. Go for a neutral colour scheme, and repeat similar colours on walls and furniture. In other words, keep is light. Dark colours on the wall can make a room seem even smaller.

Do not overdress the windows. Venetian and roman blinds are unfussy and provide privacy at night and light control in the day. Simple sheer curtains soften without crowding the space. To make windows and ceiling seem taller, hang draperies just below the ceiling. To widen the room visually, extend draperies beyond the window frame, even wall to wall. Using fabrics that match the wall colour will also help to create the illusion of a more spacious room.

By moving furniture to the center of the room creates a cozier atmosphere.  Dragging the furniture away from the walls, even by just a few inches, will result in an illusion of greater depth and therefore more space. In a bedroom make use of a tall headboard. Not only does it take up little space, but it will introduce vertical element that will help increase the sense of space.

Avoid clutter as this will make the room seem messy and will deduct visually from the space, making it seem smaller.
The general rule when decorating a smaller room is the simpler the better.
Jana Gous | [email protected]

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