Thursday 6 May 2021
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Tying together an open plan area

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.44.00 AMJana Gous | [email protected]
Last week we looked at decorating an open plan area that combines areas of multiple purposes, such as a living room, dining room and kitchen.
While the aim should be to make the different areas function separately, they should also fit together seamlessly as it is after all one open room. Therefore a cohesive decor look is needed, where furniture pieces and decorations tell same story. Ideally this can be achieved by using a common theme, such as a colour scheme, repeating texture in the different areas but simply by making sure that you stick to the same style throughout.

Lay the same type of flooring in the entire open plan area and duplicate ceiling treatments if possible.
Organization can also come with the smart use of colour. Since an open floor plan demands one uniform backdrop for the entire fare, employ a single neutral colour for the walls. Use pops of accent colours in the form of scatter cushions, dining chairs and accessories. Interesting artwork, area rugs will add interest to create a trendy look.  Take your cue from a kitchen finish, such as for instance a marble counter top, and duplicate the colours and “texture”.  To keep the area bright and open, select light colours for the walls, ceiling and cabinetry finishes.

When it comes to painting an open plan area, it is difficult to know which colour to apply where, where to start and where to stop. The easiest answer is to paint all adjoining wall or architectural details (such as pillars) the same colour in order not to interrupt the visual flow of the room. Add interest by using wallpaper or wood trim, which could also help with defining the different functional area. Link the different areas together with similar colour hues used in fabrics and finishes.

To ensure that you are able to move freely through an open plan area, ensure that all walkways are at least 90 centimeters wide, even wider in those areas that lead to and from the other areas in the house.

An open floor plan looks really amazing when it is kept neat and tidy, therefore proper storage solutions should be incorporated into your décor.
In the end, consistency is key.
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