Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Humility a virtue of the great

Scriptural scholars constantly refer to the text that compels humans to wear their garments of humility. The concept is that when others realise that you are not overly excited about the responsibility you have or the title that comes with it, they are more likely to commend even more reward for you.

We usually just complicate things for ourselves because we want everyone to know how well we are making it in life and what it is that we are up to. Especially with the coming of these social media sites, it has become much harder to keep to ourselves the small achievements of life as we feel compelled to share what’s new with us. After all, James just bought a car and posted a picture standing beside it, Cynthia just had a baby and she’s been going on about it – why not me? So the moment something we can soft-soap about happens in our lives we are up and about letting the world know about how we have, in our own view, made it in life.

The concept of humility is one that is deeply rooted in the ideologies of character building and attainment of self-respect. Someone who is humble respects themselves. They acknowledge that amidst their achievements and opportunities to flabbergast the world with how awesome and talented they are; there are those whose one wish would be to get their hands on the remainders being thrown away.

It is a pity really, how we find more inclination in opening ourselves up to the scrutiny of the world, then the moment that someone does dissect and criticise us, we go about condemning how we have haters and ‘enemies of our progress.’ When – had we shut up in the first place, our lives would be absent of that opportunity that we have accorded the many ‘Jims and Jacks’ to look into and asses our capabilities.

Many doors open for those who take the step to lower themselves and allow the self to learn from their environments. Many people are much more alacritous to listen to one who is equally willing to ‘tie the shoe lasses of others’ even when they add no tangible benefits to their lives.

It is this that defines humility; your actions when there is no direct benefit that you can derive from acting a certain way or treating an individual in a particular way. It’s not humility to obey your parents – you need the blessing. It’s not humility when you do things that will derive obvious benefits for you. Its humility on the other hand, to take an action that may even be far below your status just so you obtain the feeling of seeing a fellow human being at a better position than before you came into their lives.

Humility ameliorates others, not you. The fruits of one who exhibits humility are seen in the joy and betterment of those that they interact with. Not in their own lives. You are not successful because you’re a person of humility. You are successfully in your venture for humility, if your exertions show that people have had better lives as a result of your actions – that’s humility.


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