Thursday 17 June 2021
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Hoekom warie jy?

Believe me, these are all the words I know in Afrikaans. The rest are insults that I don’t want to share today. I’ve been under scrutiny the past days apparently for my diction and the habitual use of words that start with the ‘f’ in my writing. If such criticism came 10 years ago, I really would have considered mara now, eke walli fokol.
Today I want to talk about people who are so blessed with enough time to worry and talk about almost everything under mother earth and sometimes even that which is under the panty of another. All along I thought it’s every man for himself and God for us all but thes people are winning really.

People should get it through their brainless heads that we are all created in the image of God. So exhausting your thoughts on beautiful and ugly people does not pay any bill. For sure your parents told you that you are the most beautiful child in the world. It’s the only right thing they could do because it would raise questions about their sexual preferences – which I could say are the reasons a smart person created make-up and all the mascara fluids to bring you close to beauty. So why do you care if someone is not of your liking as if you could ever change how they look. Nobody complained about the liking of your father so stop that sh*t.

Perhaps, my uncircumcised thoughts also give me an itchy feeling whenever those who want to own everyone’s private parts start opening their mouth about who sleeps with who, how, why, where and what age. You know, I’m a liker of sex and we all should for that matter because we are all a result of an unprotected sex (planned or not planned). So why do you care if people are having sex at a young age as is the age gap age between you and your mother qualifies for an ID?

They are using their own public parts and sleeping with people who are equally in the same drought. And no, it’s not too early. Early for why? So stop caring if people are doing it at the right time because we all saw you are in your parents’ wedding photos (are they even married?). That means you are a living mistake and as such, mistakes are allowed to be planned and done. Spare the advice for your past and stop being stingy with experience. It comes with a few indoor activities.

This one I am a victim to – the gay people. They have been all on my case kama I must give them some space to breath. The thing is, I don’t really care about gay people. I’m just against their reasoning of the haphazard transition. But for the sake of doing them the favour, you bastards should leave the confused specie tog. You should understand that their struggle is not easy especially when the hunger gets real. Why do you care if they like coming late to the occasion? It is just natural that there needs to be some people behind. Firstly, it is their rectum that they are blessing with a bigger circumference and it’s none of your bloody business that they choose to be up for the poking. And mind you, unlike you, they care about their health that’s why they don’t grow their nails.
And hello Mother Christmas, I work from Tuesday to Friday and sometimes on Mondays, so I get paid now and then. I need not to share the numbers so your menstrual opinion on how I spend it needs to take the pothole. It is my money so please let me have the freedom of dishing it out to my benefit. The ciders and Brazilian hair you see me purchase are part of a reciprocal agreement that shares mutual benefits. I’m not losing anything. And even if I did, it’s none of your business to care as much. Even those who are saving are not rich to this day so spare me your unrequested fiduciary advise.

Lastly, my sexual preferences and position in such delectable’s life is not up for scrutiny. It is a given that a woman will always have two (or more) in her life. The guy they are f*#king and a guy they should be f*#king. I don’t care which I am and I do not care. I know you are also laughing because you don’t know which you are now. So keep it all to yourself because life has taken its toll on us long ago.

Going forward, I urge you to make peace with the fact that people’s lives are not of your concern. You will never sit for an exam on my life. You should comprehend the fact that God has made space for reckless people who will enjoy their life with the little premature judgements – and it’s not up to you to care. The caring face makes you look like the libido of a pensioner on Viagra. So sit down and stop worrying because it is not your life.


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