Tuesday 11 May 2021
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GIPF intensifies search for unenrolled annuitants

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) says it will focus on tracing the unenrolled annuitants at the annual Ongwediva Trade Fair for them to receive their benefits.  In a statement released on Wednesday, the fund’s manager for marketing services, Amos Kambonde, said: “When talking about annuitants we are referring to the GIPF non-active members who receive monthly income from the fund, this includes children, retired members, the disabled and spouses of deceased members.” For verification purposes, Kambonde said annuitants should provide their GIPF cards and can do that at any GIPF Office or Nampost Office or agency. “Annuitants younger than 12 years, however, need to be verified at GIPF offices only.
“It is important to get enrolled or get verified within the allocated timeframe to guarantee your income, if you do not verify yourself; your income will be suspended. The verification of all annuitants can be done three times a year (Nov-Feb, March-June, and July-October),” Kambonde said. He further called on guardians to bring their children during school holidays for enrolment at any of our offices. “Apart from the enrolment of annuitants, GIPF will be offering its standard services such as pension benefits, printing of benefit statements, claiming process, updating of members’ information and submitting of outstanding documents,” Kambonde said.
He added: “Most importantly members are encouraged to bring their identification documents as well as their latest payslips. We are encouraging our members and beneficiaries to understand the rules of the fund and how they are applied and what their obligations are in totality.” The state pension fund recently launched a campaign to trace more than 12 000 beneficiaries who are yet to claim their benefits. After the fund’s first attempt to locate its beneficiaries in 2014 did not yield adequate results, GIPF has again come out ‘aggressively’ with another campaign that seeks to trace beneficiaries nationwide who need to claim their benefits.
Working this time around with a circle of stakeholders, the objective of the campaign is to reduce the list of unclaimed benefits to zero. At the launch last week, the fund’s chief executive officer highlighted the painful reality that the fund is facing – in reference to the increasing list of unclaimed benefits in the fund. The list is said to have close 12 000 non-active beneficiaries that need to be identified to receive benefits such as widows/widowers, retirees, orphans and disabled payouts.

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