Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Cleanliness is next to godliness

Man with Hyperhidrosis sweating very badly under armpit

The main purpose of bathing is to remove dirt and odours. However, people shower and otherwise bathe for mostly social and aesthetic reasons rather than for those of removing dirt and odours. The general rule of thumb is: ‘If you can stand it socially, you can probably get by hygienically.’ But in saying this, it must be stressed that bathing is necessary as one can get skin diseases and worse from not bathing at all. According to Adolf Kaura, a medical doctor at the Roman Catholic hospital, disease prevention is the most important reason for taking a shower and keeping good personal hygiene.
“For the same reasons one washes their hands after they have gone to the bathroom is also the same reason that they have to wash their whole body – because on a daily basis, people get into contact with so many bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is important that they wash off the dirt to prevent it from growing in numbers and make them sick in the end,” he emphasized.
He further stated that keeping clean is very good for self-esteem. “When you are clean and you smell fresh, you feel much better about yourself as opposed to someone with smelly armpits”
Furthermore, keeping clean is good for sex appeal for the opposite sex. “What lady would want to have a guy or what guy would want a lady who does not look clean?” Keeping clean also plays a crucial role in social acceptance. “You are more likely to be accepted in social circles when you are very neat because people are more likely to want to be associated with you as opposed to when you are dirty and smelly. People tend to shy away from you.”
Washing and bathing are the most important ways of maintaining good health and protection from infections, illnesses and ailments. The frequency of bathing or showering is up to the individual and may be dependent on culture. If you’re like most people, you probably shower every day or, at least, every other day. But a growing number of people are rejecting the idea that you should lather up regularly, arguing that it’s actually better for the skin to be a little dirty.
A poor hygiene is a call to health problems and illnesses while a good one is an essential habit to prevent illnesses and promote well-being and good health. Doctor Kaura said that skipping a bath causes odours. “Nobody likes people who are smelly. It also lowers one’s self esteem.”
Shower daily
Daily showering is important for promoting good hygiene. This is especially true for people who are regularly exposed to germs, particularly in public places such as subways, schools and buses. People who exercise regularly or sweat a lot should also shower daily. According to Petrus Kambonde, he prefers taking a shower at least three times a day before his meals. “My job makes me sweaty and I would not want to eat while I am sweaty and smelly. Moreover if I skip a day I normally feel tired, sweaty and smelly,” he said.
As for Cane Harakuta, bathing twice a day is a must and considers it unethical to skip a day without taking a shower. “Bathing refreshes my body and makes me feel very clean,” he added.
Showering daily helps to keep germs away which is perhaps the most important and obvious reason. Staying clean at all times helps to keep germs away and prevent major diseases that they may cause. Taking a bath or shower also helps to rejuvenate and fosters blood circulation. Bathing helps in improving blood circulation in the body, especially when the use of cool and hot water is alternated at fixed intervals.
Doctor Kaura strongly recommends that people take showers at least once a day, taking in consideration what they do. “It’s pointless for one to take a shower once a day if they work in a very humid and dusty environment where they sweat a lot.”
He recommends that people pay attention to the whole body but most parts that would need attention are the order generating parts which is usually the armpits, genital parts and feet. Hand-washing should be carried out frequently throughout the day, as they come into contact with many potentially harmful bacteria.
“Before going to bed, a refreshing bath with warm water can help in inducing sleep. It is a natural and a healthy way to prevent insomnia as the warm water and the scents in the soap help soothe the mind. Probably the most crucial aspect of taking a shower daily is to help prevent diseases. Bathing can be beneficial in preventing problems like eczema, flu and headache.”
Doctor Kaura states that taking a shower daily and keeping a good personal hygiene is a cheap way of keeping healthy. “Health is one of the most expensive things. It costs quite a lot to see a doctor. However, if you keep clean, you’ll have lower chances of catching infections which lowers your chances of seeing the doctor less often,” he said.
Personal appearance is one of those subtle things that are difficult to quantify. Mostly, it’s a collection of a lot of small investments of time and effort that add up to a slight but noticeable tweak in how people think of you. The difference is real, and over time these small differences in a lot of interactions and events can really add up. Keeping clean and keeping up a good appearance are also great ways to simply feel good. Even better, personal appearance is something that you can maximize or at least significantly improve with just a bit of effort.
Ultimately, showering is about three things: Hygiene, cultural acceptance, and personal preference. Hygiene is basic. If there’s one thing more important than style, that’s hygiene.

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