Thursday 6 May 2021
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The ecstatic Jeremia Jeremia and Marvellous Shilongo took home the coveted title of Mr and Miss Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) beating out 18 other hopefuls in the eyes of judges and a live crowd. The glitzy ceremony was held at Roman Catholic over the past weekend.
Munya Madanhire and Tessia Mutwamezi won the titles of first prince and princess while Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa and Vemutiza Evangelin Handura were titled second prince and princess respectively.

Jeremia and Marvelous did not only walk away with the titles of Mr and Miss NUST, but they also scooped the Mr and Miss photogenic titles. Meanwhile, Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa and Micky Kaapama were named Mr and Miss Congeniality.

Having been crowned Mr NUST, the 22-year old Town and Regional Planning student said that it feels overwhelming and a blessing indeed. “Seeing that I am the first Mr NUST since the name change from Polytechnic, I feel blessed indeed.” Meanwhile, the 20-year old Marvellous considers herself as the underdog when it comes to pageants. “I never have the best walk, the best smile neither am I the prettiest. But the night of the show I always have confidence and have fun on stage,” she expressed. Marvellous continued to express how amazing it feels to be Miss NUST and to show others that one does not need to be a full package to win the pageant. “All you have to do is be true to yourself. I am more enthusiastic and excited because I’m the first Miss NUST ever. It is such an achievement for me,” exclaimed the jubilant Marvellous.

Marvellous started her modelling journey in 2008 when she won the title of first princess. “Since then I never participated in a pageant until last year when I took part in Miss First Year Polytechnic,” she said. Having won the title of Miss First Year Polytechnic previously was what motivated her to participate in the recent pageant. “Because of the title that I held before, many people told me that luck doesn’t come twice but I participated to prove them wrong. I believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to, especially with the help of God,” emphasized Marvellous. As for Jeremia, his modelling passion started in 2013, where he did small gigs all over with upcoming designers and also with well-established designers like Ingo Shanyenge. “I just wanted to test my confidence as I am not a public person and also to have fun. I approached my management team and we discussed it and came to a conclusion to take part and test the waters. This was my first pageant that I entered and my first win as well; I guess 2016 is an awesome year indeed.”

Both winners expressed that the competition was tough. “It was so so tough. The finalists were all unique in their own way. Be it in their beauty, their smile, their personality, their intelligence or their walk. I would be crazy if I said there was not plenty of competition. They gave me a run for my money and made me push harder and I would like to thank each and every one of them for that,” said Marvellous.

Holding the title of Miss NUST, the determined queen said that she has a lot up her sleeve this year. “I would like to make it a surprise but I would definitely emphasize on charity work and getting scholarships for those who are studying the same course as me.” During his reign, Mr NUST would like to be part of the NUST dream of greatness and assist his fellow students in the process by working closely with student services on this. “I would like to promote NUST to all possible future students for them to come and study at NUST and also to focus on student awareness programs.”
Marvellous lives by the quote that “When given a cup, don’t see it as half full or empty but rather appreciate the fact that you are given a cup.” Furthermore, Marvellous expressed gratitude towards her family. “My family keeps me going. I love you Shilongo and Eigowab family. I am nothing without you guys,” she expressed.

The debonair Jeremia said that he believes in living a positive life and helping others. “That keeps me going indeed. Live life as it’s a blessing.”
The glamourous event had a judging panel made up of Maguire Mulder, Jeanette Tlhabanelo, Gabriel Moonde, Nicole Ugelwi and Naftali Nghishekwa.
The contestants also shared the stage with a star studded line-up of musical acts like Suzy Eises, Gazza, Lady May and Betholdt.

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