Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Women Do Exist

Dear men…
Last time my gynecologist checked, I am a woman. I have my days, I have my abilities, I have my weaknesses, I complain a lot, I have my moods but all that I am saying is that I do exist. We live in a world of men who think they own this world. They perceive women as useless creations of nature that bring nothing to the table but trouble and stress maybe, I don’t know.
I’m sitting here trying to figure out why. I mean, yes, violence of any form (physical, emotional, psychological, etc.) towards women is wrong. And yeah, women deserve the upmost respect; that’s a no-brainer there.  I have seen the defeminizing and dehumanizing of women through savage acts of rape, stereotypes and insults. All of these inhumane acts are a result of weak men who live in the illusion of running this world. One thing that I want to let you men know is that just because that woman accepted you to be your sister, girlfriend or wife doesn’t mean you own her, she is a woman not property.

Women are expected to be seen and not heard. Everything that passes a woman’s mouth is considered a joke, useless idea. Let’s just say men expect us to be silent and those who stand up and said pay attention to women’s issues were and are instantly called rebel and bitter. They were told there are divide and conquering that in turn forced women into submitting to silence or being shunned. Do you men realize these things?

Never underestimate the will power and determination of a woman. She loves and nurtures those around her. She endures and willingly carries burdens for those she loves. One more thing, she is unstoppable. Women are super natural blessings! The least you could do is to at least give her wings to fly.
Like it or not, a sizeable percentage of men are yet to accept females as an equal in their heads and can’t come to terms with a poised woman of substance – the modern day decent woman. They just don’t know how to deal with it. Hating on them, labeling them a loose character or in extreme cases, confronting them aggressively are some of the ways they come up to hide their sense of insecurity. Shame!

I mean how can a human being have so much hatred towards another gender? The truth is Namibian men think that they own this world, they see woman as inferior beings. Stop putting limits to women’s abilities for goodness sake!
Now let me ask you men, when you see a woman what exactly do you see? Do you perhaps see some piece of trash? What exactly do you see? How long will it take you men to recognize our womanhood?

Dear men let me tell you, being a man is not all about having a six pack and biceps but the space between your legs. How you think is how we perceive how manly you are. The test of your manhood is how you treat a woman, all women, every woman! If you do not respect a woman, you are only half a man.
And to my fellow women, let’s earn respect. If we want those masculine beings to see and value us as women, it is really up to us. It won’t be fair if you behave in some wild way and expect them to respect you because then it shows that you do not respect yourself.

Dear men Women exist and they are not less, but part of the whole.


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