Tuesday 11 May 2021
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The Religious Conundrum

It seems that the talk on pastors has significantly toned down over the past 6 months. Following the grass-eating congregations, water-turned-petrol miracle working clerics, the world seems to have taken a back seat on pointing fingers at how religion – especially Pentecostal Christianity, has gone astray and how individuals would  rather live their lives independent of the influence of the assumed existent supernatural.

In the real of things though, what options do we leave these ‘men of God’ with? I remember walking into a conversation with colleagues who were pointing out how so many clergymen are amassing wealth off of their congregants. They accused these preacher-men of being blatant thieves making money through tithes and offerings that they only use to purchase the latest technological gadgets and vehicles and engage in activities that are categorically rather quite ungodly.

This was soon after news broke of a West African based cleric who bought himself a private jet that he said was to facilitate his cross-continental travels in order to tend to Gods flock. They said that the only way he would make so much money in a charity based career was by preaching one thing and living another. This to mean that the alleged pastor was most likely involved in other endeavours of dark origin – Satanism and animalism particularly.

Less than a year before, I stumbled upon a local publication whose writer sought to understand why his pastor “just wasn’t making it.” He alluded to the manner in which he had been a good offering giver and yet doubted that his spiritual investments were amounting to anything tangible; after all the cleric who was a ‘self-appointed’ prophet was still only brandishing a ‘Toyota Two Feet.’
The writer mentioned exclusively that he doubted the anointing of his pastor. If he, the conduit, could not return any serious blessings, how will he be able to command the same on his congregants? The writer went on to inform his readers that he was changing his worship venue looking out for a more financially receptive place. He went on to even invite bids to readers who went to churches where the Holy Spirit was more prevalent.

While all this verbal diarrhoea goes on about how we are duped into religious fallacy and how we scorn the modern day judas’ who betray their fellow humanity for the price of a pot of gold. Next to our homes is a house turned bar, to which we resort to have these conversations about the mystical global deception. We notice so easily how the Church has gone A-Y and how we are the victims of an evolving terrible time to live in. We even apparently fear for our children and the fate of their religious attempts. If only we had the courage to pluck out the speck in our own eyes and realize that the generation that follows is not spoiled by the knowledge of what may or may not be true but instead the lack thereof. They are mere victims to the ignorance that we present them as an alternative for living better and safe lives away from the house of condemnation.

We allow them instead, but doing it ourselves, to think that by ridiculing our best way out, we are safer from the truth that seems to be. First clear your neighbourhoods of those shabeens then maybe, just maybe you can point a finger at those who intend for a good cause of our societies but have simply been met by resistance due to the actions of a few rotten apples.

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