Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Stay in Your Lane…Always

Staying in one’s lane has become a statement which has nothing to do with driving on a highway, and everything to do with respecting the order of life and relationships. Almost every day we come across countless people preaching and endorsing the ‘Stay in your lane’ message.  The meaning of the saying is to mind one’s own business; to keep moving straight ahead without veering into others’ personal lives. But the meaning of this saying seems to have evolved into what I consider an avenue of territory.

From a standpoint of things being done, I completely understand how staying in your lane is looked upon in a positive light. I mean, really, who wants chaos and confusion in their lives? There shouldn’t be too many cooks in the kitchen at once, you know.
Ever since the dawn of my time, I’ve always had negative messages that constantly fought to make their way into my heart and identity. I always tried to be different, in the sense that I can’t be like anyone else doing what everyone else is doing. This isn’t an easy habit, but it is certainly one I will probably keep until the end of my time.

I believe that we all struggle with insecurity and performance because we’ve all had our true identities distorted by the world we live in. We live in a world that is constantly forcing us to conform to what society thinks is right. It is sad how this empty void compels us to compete and compare ourselves to others. It persuades us to live base on the perceptions and unrealistic expectations of others. We live in a world that is constantly trying to change us. If you don’t have what others have, you are considered to be left out. “We buy things with money that we don’t have to impress people that we don’t know,” I have read this quite a lot of times and I think that it makes much sense.

Many of us falter and conform because we haven’t really discovered who we are and we’re not quite sure of what we are called to do in life. I think it is paramount that we get to know who we are because once you understand who you are, you won’t feel the pressure to become someone else. I know how tempting it is to watch and analyze other people who are successful and think we have to be like them. But doing this will freeze your fruitfulness because you fall victim to comparison, competition, other people’s expectations and perceptions.
You must run your race, not someone else’s. Why? Because no one else is equipped to run the race that is designed for you. Only you can run in your lane. So stay in it and don’t merge into someone else’s.

No one has the walk, talk, talents, experiences, swag, vision, assignment, grace, purpose just like yours. Walk in THAT authority. That you can never be a carbon copy because you are too busy being an original. So what if they hate on you? People often mock what they can’t jock. Be who God created YOU to be.

Hasta la proxima!


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