Wednesday 12 May 2021
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The PhDs of society

So last week I got plenty of hate emails from the born-again circle for highlighting their amputated ability to think. But as I said, I do not give a damn at all. I know some people are always late to catch the truth bus and thus take long to realise the fallacy in which they live. We will forgive you when you finally arrive regardless of the time.
Today I want us to shame and undress the PhDs aka Pull Him/Her Down of today’s Harambee society. These are the people who want nothing but stunted growth in your life. In whatever they do, regardless of the approach, their motive is to pull you down and in most cases keep you there.
I will not mention those who only call women when they need sex because it is a space created in life and I too am guilty to that. I mean, we all need a first aid kit to rescue our medical deficiencies when we cannot wait for the next morning.
But as such, I know of idiots who only know my name when it’s that time of the month. These are the blood sucking nufus who make plans for your money without your concern and table the proposal as if they were the ones who gave their ass for remuneration. I have prayed but not even Jesus helped against such suckers. The devil has ignored me too but I suspect it is his disciples doing what he has sent them to do.
I wanted to believe that everyone could become a millionaire or at least something close to that but as soon as I found out that people with such haphazard mentality exist, I have lost hope. This explains the level of poverty in our Land of the Grave.
The other people who I pray nothing but permanent disability for are women and numerous small-d*ck-minded boys who get into relationships for security and yet ignore the security guards. I do not understand how women get it right to arrive to the intelligence-struck thought that men should cater for all their needs. For goodness sake, you are not an orphan. We both have our parents so let us cut to the chase and have sex for free. Flowers, credit and Guarana for why? Otherwise, join the crew under the bridge and sell your punani because what you are doing is being a prostitute for you batter money for pleasure. Be bold enough to go public and pay tax for your business. The reason why families are going hungry is because of your successful money sucking life. The poor idiot could at least have bought himself an underwear and Swankie roll-on instead of Brazilian hair and your Super-Aweh.
Etsee, the biggest flops in life are the circle of people who walk out of their mothers’ house without any penny to go have fun at the expense of others. Just imagine, these guy sleeps all day, knows that people knock of around five, he takes a shower and dresses himself like a shebeen executive and walks the walk of assurance that the night is on. He sits in the bar and knows how to turn his eye such that it meets yours. He needs no invitation to your table because in the blink of an eye he has already grabbed your beer and is narrating the best story about life. The sister on the other side just sits there and buys herself her Hunter Gold with the only N$15 she got as tip from last night’s sessions. So she sits and sips on her sider very slow to make sure it does not finish before some idiot offers to buy her another one. You can say whatever but these people have another level of shameless confidence. If ever you are to Google image the word ‘courageous,’ these are the people you will find. I cannot comprehend how one gets it right to be so confident in living life taking this shortcut and be assured that there will always be someone to make their night. This is professional begging but I f*ckin hate you really. Im tired of friends who wait for me next to the shebeen to whisper “Etse bra, maak n three pin ver n gwaai kao.”
My entire life, I have exhausted every knowledge at my door. In fact, I have sucked knowledge out of so many people to be where I am today. But at this stage, I need not to be the one giving. This is why people don’t grow because these suckers are at it for real. Speaking under correction, I do not think these ticks are created in the image of God. And not even the Devil has this level of competency in begging in a way that seem formally acceptable. I know I am not the right person to put your life back to order but kindly take not of these people. They mean you no good.
However, people like myself have room and a budget for women in this circle. I mean, it doesn’t hurt if a N$50 from my salary for a few Hunters Gold can guarantee me sex. It’s way cheaper than those coitus workers at Kalahari. In a way, it’s my social responsibility to eradicate ‘poverty’. I don’t know what that means but I know it sounds patriotic.
Until next time, get rid of the PhDs in your life.
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