Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Stylish First Impressions

Untitled-7Most people consider the decoration of their entrance hall to be something done only as an after-thought. In truth, your entrance hall should receive as much attention as the rest of your home. It sets the tone for the rest of your home. It should be warm and welcoming. Let us look at a few ways to make your entrance hall stylish and inviting, but also what to avoid.
First on the list is your flooring.  Choose something that will be easy to keep clean as well as resists moisture. Therefore opt for a darker option or something with a pattern to conceal minor spots. As a hallway is a high traffic area, a wall-to-wall carpet will not work for obvious reasons.  An area rug will however add warmth and softness underfoot. It will also protect the floor from scratches. Remember to choose something that will be easy to keep clean. If you opt for a patterned runner or area rug, rather keep the walls plain and neutral to avoid the area from being too “busy”, especially if the entrance hall is small.
Dark colours are most popular in a hallway, but if the area is on the small side, or long and narrow, rather use lighter colours to lighten up the area.  Think pale blues, greens, grays and broken whites.  For the somewhat daring, paint your front door a bright colour. It will not only look hip, but will also change the look of a hallway that is very narrow. Combining a bright colour at the end of a narrow entrance hall with lighter, more neutral colours on the sidewalls, will by design seem a little wider.
In a small hallway, a mirror will assist to open up a small room.  Ultimately a larger floor to ceiling mirror will have the biggest affect, as the reflection of natural and artificial light throughout the room will make the interior brighter and it will therefore seem larger. Install the mirror on the side-wall, and if possible, add a source of light.
Remember the furniture pieces – even if kept to scale with the area – can make a small space feel cluttered. A glass sideboard will provide the dual benefit of  a place to drop your keys, while seamlessly blending in with the interior and “disappearing” without creating a visual block.
Avoid a dark and gloomy hallway by brightening it up with good lighting. When guests enter your home it should be bright and light.  A ceiling light is an absolute must for any entrance hall. A chandelier in the center will make an eye-catching focal point while adding proper lighting. For that extra atmosphere, install a dimmer switch and combine this with additional lighting, such as wall scones or a table lamp.
Try and keep your entrance hall clutter free. A small console or a slim chest with drawers, close to your front door, will certainly be helpful. Rather retain surfaces for a beautiful vase of flowers, display books or specifically selected décor pieces.  Should the entrance hall be too small to accommodate any piece of furniture, use a shelf or a wall-mounted piece to serve the same purpose without taking up floor space.
For a large entrance hall, go for bolder colours, more patterns and larger furniture pieces. Find a beautiful storage unit that you love and build the entrance hall around it. Remember the drawers, shelves or pullout baskets for hiding clutter. A larger foyer needs an eye-catching piece such as a chandelier or glamorous mirror.
Spend some thoughtful time with the design of your foyer and introduce your guests to the personality of your home.

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