Thursday 6 May 2021
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Mushe returns with 5th album

MusheThe last time Namibians heard from Mushe was his appearance in the media that he owns six vehicles and he alternated them day after day. Mushe fans last celebrated with the artist in 2013 when he won six awards in one NAMA including Male artist of the Year and much listened to Song of the Year.
Since then, the ‘Onkalamwenyo architect released his fourth album titled ‘Evidence’ which was followed by ‘The Truth of Chapter “4”’ which have not received as much prominence as the past albums. Mushe, real name Albert Uulenga has since kept a low profile on the music scene with many speculating that the artist has turned into a full-time businessman. Contacted by The Lounge to share reasons behind his absence from the music industry, Mushe shared that he is in fact due to release his fifth album later in September this year.
“I took a break time to focus on my businesses and to build a strong foundation before I returned to music. I would never leave music so now I am back. I have been busy in studio compiling another album that comes out in September,” said Mushe. Mushe has over the years been known for his keen interest in business to the point of earning the name  ‘Omunangeshefa’, which translates to ‘a businessman.’ He even has a song with the referenced title in which he sang of the typical life of a businessman and how he aspires to grow with his businesses. Those in the knowhow say the artist owns a bar and restaurant in the northern town of Ondangwa on top of other establishments to his name.
He could not tell what his next album would be called as he is still stuck as to what to call the album that brings him back.  Mushe promised his fans that they should expect nothing but the real Mushe. “Fans should expect the ‘Omunangeshefa’ and ‘Letter to the president’ type of music with even a better flair.”

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