Thursday 6 May 2021
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Dutch family gets full birth certificate

Untitled-3Government yesterday granted the family of Bram De Wilde- a minor born in Namibia to Dutch parents-with a full birth certificate for their child.
It means government has now fully Supreme Court order that directed it to issue citizenship to the minor because he was born in Namibia, despite his parents not being Namibians.
At an impromptu press conference called by information minister Tjekero Tweya late on Tuesday, Government made the unprecedented announcement.
Stephen Vlieghe from Koep and Partners confirmed that the family indeed received the full birth certificate.
“Late this afternoon they received the full birth certificate and will now be applying for a Namibian passport on behalf of Bram,” he said.
Vlieghe further stated: “Our clients wish to comment by saying that since the delivery of the judgment by the Supreme Court they have followed the developments regarding the citizenship bill and have respected the due process which parliament followed in debating the bill and obtaining input from the various stakeholders, they do of course agree with the eventual outcome and are very pleased, not only for Bram, their minor child, but also because it shows that they live in a constitutional democracy where the rule of law has been respected.”
Soon after Tuesday’s announcement, the minor’s father, Marco De Wilde wrote on the Facebook social network that: “Finally justice prevails! Thanks to all who supported us and believed in us.”
The decision comes after the Supreme Court on 23 June 2016 judged that Bram Cornelius De Wilde who was born in Namibia in 2009, be issued with a birth certificate on the basis that he is a Namibian citizen by birth as envisaged by Article 4(1)(d) of the Namibian Constitution.
Government was against issuing citizenship on the basis that De Wilde’s parents are not Namibians.
Tweya said the decision to issue citizenship to the minor was reached after Cabinet deliberated on the matter on Tuesday where it was decided that the court ruling must be respected.
“The Government of the Republic of Namibia will comply with the Supreme Court Order contained in its said judgment, and the Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration will issue a birth certificate as directed,” said Tweya.
Tweya concluded that Cabinet is seized with the matter and “will consult widely with a view to seeking a long-term solution to deal with issues of this nature in future”.
The boy’s parents, who are citizens of the Netherlands, have been living in Namibia on the basis of employment permits since 2006.
According to a report in The Namibian: “The father of the boy, Marco de Wilde, stated in an affidavit filed at the High Court, and not challenged by the minister of home affairs, that he and his wife were lawfully resident in Namibia when their son was born in October 2009; that they have made Namibia their new home and did not intend to return to the Netherlands, where they have sold their house and other property because they wanted to settle in Namibia, and that a younger son of theirs, who was born in Namibia in April 2012, was issued a full Namibian birth certificate – signifying Namibian citizenship by birth – by the ministry of home affairs.”
De Wilde also stated that neither he nor his wife fell under the categories of people – such as diplomatic representatives, police, military or security force members of other countries doing service in Namibia, or illegal immigrants – whose children the Constitution generally excludes from the right to be Namibian citizens by birth.

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