Tuesday 11 May 2021
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A night of dancing cocktails

Samba-1The FNCC will host you to yet another fun and exciting night of Dancing Cocktails.Bringing you an entertaining dance experience from around the world, while sipping on delicious Cocktails on Friday, August 5th at 19h00.
With “Brazilian fever” as the theme heading the fourth Dancing Cocktails of the year, dance instructors from Fusion Funk Studio will be whisking patrons away through a dancing tutorial with the most beautiful dance styles and sensual music all the way from the Brazilian Culture.
Samba, a dance close to home, originates from ancient African tunes and customs and it is still one of Brazil’s most popular music styles. Performed to hearty samba songs sung in bars to explosive drum parades performed during carnival, samba always evokes a warm and vibrant mood.
In addition to that, feel good while dancing to Lambada, an afro-Brazilian dance style that is popular for its particular focus on the hips. This dance is characterized by its high energy and feel good attitude (alegria). Although it is a fast and energetic dance, it flows smoothly and the moves are continuous and rhythmic.
Forró which means going to party/ going out is not only an enjoyable dance style but also the final word we have for you, Come party!
What better way to kick off the week end? Come one, come all, for a beautiful night out, and be a part of this sensational show that does not only promise you new dance moves but a pleasant night of socializing.
Tickets are for sale at the venue:  N$70 Single ticket, includes a free glass of wine, bottle of beer or cool drink. N$ 120 Couples tickets, includes a free glass of wine, bottle of beer or cool drink per person.

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