Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Chandeliers – Making a Charming Statement

Untitled-7As discussed over the last 2 weeks, the right lighting is the perfect way of enhancing and setting the style and mood in any space. From ultra-modern to rustic, and from not only the living room and dining room but to the bathroom, bedroom or even a home study. For that elegant and timeless look, nothing beats the chandelier.

There is a chandelier for just about any room. Not only do they provide excellent light, but from a design element, they can set the stage and complete a skillfully designed space.However, to use a chandelier successfully does present a few challenges. You will need to consider what size is best for the specific area, as well as how high to hang the fixture. A small light will disappear and loose its impact, while a too large chandelier will overwhelm a room. Here are a few important measurements and rules to take into consideration when choosing a chandelier.

Lets start by considering height. The higher the ceiling, the taller the chandelier should be. Approximately 30cm of chandelier height is required for each meter of ceiling height. A 2.6m high ceiling would therefore need a chandelier of roughly 85cm in height.Once you determined the correct height, you need to determine the diameter for the fixture. To do this a sound guideline would be to add the dimensions of the room (in meters) and divide that by 10. The answer represents the diameter in centimeters. For example: a room that measures 3.5m by 4m, would therefore total 7.5m. Divided by 10 equals 0.75m. The diameter of the fixture should therefore be approximately 75cm.

For the best lighting, position the chandelier in the center of the room. Generally over a piece of furniture, e.g. a coffee table, and at least 2m – 2.2 m from the floor to avoid people from bashing their heads against it.For a dining room where a chandelier is hung over the table, the size of the table should be taken into consideration. To avoid people from bumping their heads, a chandelier hung above a table should have a diameter of about 30 cm narrower than the table’s smallest width. Remember to center the chandelier over the dining table. Hang the chandeliers low enough in order to light up the table, but not so low that it takes up head space.  Therefore 75-85 centimeters higher than the dining table. This same rule applies for fixtures hung over a kitchen island and table.  If ceilings are higher than 2.6m, add approximately 5 centimeters to the hanging height per meter. Therefore if your ceiling is 3 m high, the fixture should be hung 90-100 cm over the table.

An overly elaborate chandelier should not be hung too close to the table as the fixture absorbs a lot of visual space. Therefore rather hang it a few centimeters higher than stated above.A bathroom with a chandelier over the bathtub converts a sense of glamour and romance. Hang the chandelier about 2.2m above the tub.

For some variation, do not limit yourself to just one chandelier in a large room, but instead choose two slightly smaller fixtures. A dimmer switch installed on a chandelier is a terrific way of creating ambiance and contributes to a more flattering lighting solution when needed.

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