Friday 23 April 2021
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When is Jesus coming back?

I understand that the word c*nt is not as popular in this country as it should be considering that we have plenty so it is time we give people their rightful names. These are people who I wish were aborted or God gave them a different path of either becoming a fly, a bird or anything close to a schwein. I think our population stats are either miscalculated or they should be categorized to distinguish real people from those created in an image not even Satan will want to associate himself with. With the peace that I have made with myself that everyone is created with a purpose, I think some mammals were given two legs by mistake and as a result we have to deal with these things who look like us but are by no means anything like us. I know God took time to create earth but his deficit is a real crisis – whether it was done purposefully or for any other heavenly reason.
Let me start with a rare species that is starting to make noise and place question marks on their sex. Personally, I love making fun of homosexuals because they are homosexual. And they are the only species deemed harmless by women because their d!#ks are domesticated. I really give zero shit about their little stand on life but it pokes my circumcised pipi with displeasure to observe how this circle is now pushing it with real hope of magneting even our young ones. As vulnerable as our women are, children’s mind are a clean sheet and I see the gay people have grown a little intellect on this give-away knowledge. I hear the cartoon society recorded their first gay couple in a Nickelodeon cartoon. This means that your son (some of you who refused to abort your quicky results) will grow up thinking it is proper to penetrate another boy’s anus. Such things we have to solve because of some misplaced two-legged mammals. Biblically, we are asked to believe that Jesus died for our sins but because of this, I don’t believe He died for the left-footed players of this society. Unless they were in hiding as many are today. And how do I know that I’m not gay myself, I would not f#ck something I respect – men. When I see a girl, I want to make love with her.
The other groups I think needed to be denied baptism are the women who have become servants to libido-starved men. These are people I wish the Chinese could turn into villages bicycle or taxis to make mobility easy. Because of human-by-mistakes like you, real women are getting a rough time in earning respect. And parallel to your actions, you have now been made an element to entertainment. All the artists I know sing about everything down the abdominal circuit because it is cheaply advertised. It is just pure sex and the female local government – you idiots. I really do not pity any mother crying because their daughter has gone unfastened. They had the chance to terminate that shit. Now they all be knowing all clubs and flock to them like little wind-frightened ants. They be all talking about having fun all weekend long at a price we shall not mention and later be complaining how it is hard finding a husband. Madam, sit your pimpled ass down, you have long enjoyed unripe fruits so enjoy the comfort of a burned cabbage. You are such a regret. And don’t worry, life will hit you by 30.
Yes, I am also angry because of you idiots who think it is right to catch women, and sometimes doll-sized toddlers, off-guard to have something close to sex with them. You now understand why the world is so angry. It is because of you nufus who refuse to comprehend that human beings are not animals. There is a word known as ‘consensus’ that human beings engage before such a practice. You guys are the reason I really believe God was not concentrating when He created us in his image. Else, with what brush did he paint you? I guess your credentials that justify your humanity really skipped the accreditation body or you either corruptly got the stamp.
And then you blame me for my newly-adopted hobby of drinking. Mxxxm. For the record, I hate you people who don’t drink. You boring c*nts’ stories are boring and devoid of solutions to fix this God deficit. All your boring stories end with “and then I got home.” Ask them why they don’t drink and they say “I don’t like the taste of it.” Nobody does you a$$hole. We drink because we have to. We drink because life is shit and you gotta do whatever you have to get through the f$#ken day.  I really think Jesus has overstayed his vacation in heaven. Dear God, please send Him down to come and do the judging because things are falling apart. I will pray today so I’m sure I’m safe.


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