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UUSHIMBA Red Carpet to Premiere

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The Namibian film industry is on thunder with local content that will sure glue film lovers to their screen. This week, Optimistic Media Group premiered local talent ‘Uushimba.’ The film is a reflection of fresh and unique talent to the Namibian film industry. ‘Uushimba’ is a story that was funded by the Namibia Film Commission. It tells a story of a young man who moved to the city to seek greener pastures but got caught up in his cousin’s thug life and became a recruit in his gang.  The film explored three elements, mainly the artists who were not exposed, people come to the city as well as the element of crime which is happening in the city which makes ‘Uushimba’ very good.
“Now and then we see a lot of movies in which people come to the city but what makes ‘Uushimba’ different is that it is not just an ordinary person who came to the city. The storyline is about person who came to pursue a talent in art and we don’t have a lot of people who come to the city for pursuing arts, it’s very rare,” said Gustav Nuuyoma, the producer of the film.Watching ‘Uushimba,’ one would be able to relate with characters within the film. A breath of fresh air according to the film director Khama Nakanduungile, these kinds of films are not done every day in Namibia. “We try to copy more western films and never really do movies that tell stories about us as Namibians,” he emphasized Khama Nakanduungile. “When one looks at Windhoek, they see the ghetto life; they see town life and people living different lifestyles.”
The film received N$250 000 from Namibia Film Commission. “We would like to give a big thanks to the Namibia Film Commission for coming up with the short film projects,” expressed Nuuyoma. The screenings of the film will be done all over the country this year with the next one to take place in the north or at the coast. Nakanduungile said that the film will only be aired on NBC and One Africa once all of the screenings are done and thereafter DVDs.‘Uushimba’ is a fully Namibian film that was played mostly in English, Afrikaans, Oshiwambo and also a bit of Damara. It has subtitles that are in English. The first scenes of the film were shot in the North, Okahandja and different locations within Windhoek.

The crew affirmed that the cast and the crew is all Namibian with most of the actors being first timers in the Namibian industry. “This is what makes ‘Uushimba’ different because one gets to see new faces. It is a fresh cast,” added Nuuyoma.The premiere will be taking place on the 29th of July 2016 at the NamPower Convention Centre and the tickets are being sold at Computicket for N$50. The doors open at 18h00 and the screenings will start at 20h00.

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