Saturday 17 April 2021
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Couple goals!

This is a phrase I’ve heard and read about a lot in recent times. Many friends and even celebrities are using it to describe what they would present as the ideal modern relationship form of achievements. Its catchy, that’s for sure – from hearing it, am sure you also wanna be a part of the cool kids crew, worst still if you’re single right now, just makes the pressure more to have to find someone to meet up the couple goals with.
Couple goals – a practice whereby two individuals involved in a relationship towards marriage, strategically and deliberately take the decision to influence each other for the greater good.
What we have so far gotten as the recommendations of couple goals really seems quite achievable. I mean, can you really not find a guy around the corner that can get your hood printed “His» or «Hers”? Taking pictures with my Significant Other (to be referred to hence forth as SO) to depict that we are really slaying this relationship thing when in reality we can’t even laugh at the same jokes!
I am really just disagreeing with the notion that wearing the same colours makes us like each other more – I don’t dispute that it definitely qualifies us for cartoon comics though…
You’re misled. Lord, I might get in trouble for this. But frankly, couple goals must include trying to understand each other’s futures – what benefit they may inscribe on the dreams we both have. Will your current position in your career sustain where we wanna be tomorrow? If yes – how do we even make it better so we live a bolt below our income, leaving us with just about enough to throw into the savings and possibly invest in those shares on the stock market together. Couple goals that involve ensuring that your dearly beloved complete their academic accreditations and make you sound like you have made a very good choice or as if you have good taste… Just imagine being introduced to me 10 years from now, with your then wife – now that’s couple goal mate – “Hello sir, this is Dr xYz, my wife”. Sounds dope doesn’t it? – add your last name on the placeholder.
Am thinking more in the lines of building empires – yeah… The fake life! That TV kinda stuff! Living every day of the relationship with a clear vision of where you want to be in a long term and short term basis. Not just ‘chilling’ but forecasting. Literally sitting down with your SO to strategically outline how you will both get to your ideal lives in the next say 10years – and what role you will each play in the others’ lives.
Outline your financial targets and how you intend on achieving them. How much of each other’s income do you place into a joint account for the benefit of the future? You can come up with many other ideas that do not include anything to do with selfies, Facebook posts or similar sneakers! But am talking about the real paraphernalia! Start thinking rich together, start planning and building now together. Start preparing now together, for that life from which you can both retire at a young age having achieved all that you aimed for.
You can thank me later by simply calling me ‘Doc’ the first time you see me 10 years from now (my SO promised to make me one, hehehe)… God bless you!

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