Monday 19 April 2021
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A disabled football fraternity

It is tougher to be a footballer than to be an artist in Namibia. Even pensioners live better because their monthly stipends are guaranteed. Unlike some teams who work 31 days over-time and still be in the dark. Ask the Brave Gladiators and the pitch whistle blowers. Football affairs in the Land of the Brave have been domesticated to the belly and the benefit of those who call the shots.With the current poverty-stricken sports fraternity, one can conclude that those who claim to care never really cared. With only 8 days left for the Namibia Premier League to secure funds to kick off the league, those with the means have not whispered a word or raised an arm to rescue the sunken from the bottom of the ocean. It is of course not a surprise because in this country, there is never money to save jobs but ironically there is to create. Remember TIPEEG?

Sport participants, especially soccer players have for far too long been forced to play for nothing but patriotism. And then we wonder why sport in Namibia is not moving forward. For starters, players are paid peanuts that do not even amount to the tax obligations of the middle class. All mothers and fathers of sports in Namibia have no love for what they are mandated to grow. In fact, it is all about their names and the number of times they serve in their posts. Starting from the ministry that is headed by a minister does not even make time to attend a national or league final. He was quoted in various dailies to be oblivious about matters under his roof. Those at the helms of the controlling bodies are rather caught in the fever of building their names, not even soccer players play for the same team for so long. It is no surprise that even the Harambee architect, who is also known to be a sports event attendee, forgot to accommodate sports in his Swahili-inspired vision for the country. What the NPL is currently going through is a test for the country to stand the test of real sport development.

The NPL is like an orphan child whose parents were once upon a time respected figure. Remember how family members would shy away from taking care of the offspring of the deceased, they literally run for cover. Finally, there is someone who wants to take him in but has set conditions such as, I will only provide the coffee if there is someone to always boil the water. Surly MTC has a had enough covering for the party and thus it is only fair that they call out others to cover too. At least with a Song of the Year at the NAMAs you get a fair N$50 000 as opposed to N$15 000 for being a top goal scorer. Until we get people with the heart to grow football in this country, power-hungry and position stuck individuals who run the soccer establishments from the basements will not bring any results. Political heads should rub their noses to realize that the ministry with the name ‘sports’ in their calling should use the budget Calle allocated them to empower the sons and daughters who play for patriotism. But all this needs to starts with the comrade and author of Harambee – set some targets for Jerry Ekandjo too.

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