Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Women, women and women are just…

Another week of my stiff attempt to understand women and I know it will not reap any results. Without any research on the species (that’s if there is any data besides your craving for beauty), I could write so much about women and still be puzzled at the end. The intro will rightfully fit a question mark. The body will have plenty of question marks and the conclusion will still abnormally have those. If you have lived long enough through the cracks of life, you will have comprehended that the only mammal that refuses to be understood is Eve and her family.
I know and have made peace with the fact that it is your prerogative to live a life of fiction and everything close to dreams but it becomes somewhat worrying when you refuse to blow the whistle to your infatuation. I mean, it is a bonus period for those who wish to handle anything vulnerable but I just think too much of something is no good for you especially when you are on the receiving end.

If I were to look for a word synonymous to ‘complain’, it would be women. It’s puzzling how women invest more in complaining than giving a shit about any solutions. Why do women complain about their relationships yet still stay in them?
I understand that it could be for the same reasons that they wear high heels but how the hell do you expect us to understand you. We know you have a complicated gamete production but you need not to show it. You are doing just perfectly well with the make-up.
I understand that it is in your sexual genetic make up to hate other women but it pokes my rectum with displeasure that you just do not like seeing the opposite sex have fun and flourish in life. I thought my Kasape would be better but until this day, she hates the idea of having sex with the lights on. At least be the witness to my happiness. Such selfishness is very unpatriotic.

And again, there is a reason why that four-wall structure is called a home. It’s not only a place for coitus but equally where you should leave ready for the day. Why do women get their makeup on while they are on public transport and toilets? Just get ready at home like normal people – that is why it’s called ‘home.’ If there is anything women can keep up to standard for seasons long it’s nothing else but their shading and facial concerns. It would help if you just did the same with other things in your life. But please do everything at home. We need not to see the effort you put in creating that fake look.

I also want to understand why you people friend zone the nice guys then date a*sholes. It’s outrageous because some of us are forced to date not-so-good looking women and our children carry the absent-beauty burden for the rest of their lives. Your disability to reason the right way is the reason why we have so many bachelors. I know love does not pay the bills but nor does consequences because that’s all you will own. Kwaito boys, fu#kboys and zero living dreams will always be cute but are your quickest way to put your dreams to a standstill. And do not get mad when they approach you for your beauty, it is life and your beauty to them is synonymous to good sex and they are gone. And as you know, it is the mileage that attracts potential buyers to a car. On another extended observation, it’s you who attracts all the devils in your life. Why do women like to walk around almost naked, but I am expected to like you for your personality and thoughts. Mxxxxxm.

I know it is not in your circle of thought to get advise but I will try to open your eyes on a few things that I deem important. I am very sure you have examples of ‘Things Fall Apart’ in your circles. And if you do not do anything about it, you will be another statistic.
Waking up and going to the nearest shebeen and waiting for someone’s child to buy you a drink that comes with the price will not get you anywhere. Soon, and very soon, you will conclude your life cycle without having achieved. No real man wants a shebeen and sex queen. Unless of course you are beautiful and you are my only hopes of having a child with a decent look. But not even your beauty and bedroom acrobatics will earn you a spot on the alter. Not even a N$250 Magistrate wedding. The only time you are gonna come close to doing something productive on the alter is when you go for Holy Communion.

Just because it is hard finding a real and serious man does not mean you ought to test every one of us. Your trend is gonna pass and the rest of us are going to make peace that women are really just meant to be confused.


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