Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Maria Nepembe the Namibian it – Girl!

IMG_7454Her impeccable style, sharp business acumen and various endorsement deals have earned her a legion of admires. Maria Nepembe is Namibia’s home girl who reigns supreme over the Namibian fashion industry. Apart from being a Radio host, TV presenter, model and an actress, Nepembe owns the exclusive Ria Namibia clothing line. The Lounge gives you a glimpse of her fashion world…  The Lounge (TL): How would you describe your personal style? Maria Nepembe (MN): My personal style is very comfortable, very girly sometimes but most of the time a pair of sneakers, sweaters and a hoodie does it for me.

TL: In what ways are you the same as your childhood self?
MN: I would say I have always had a bubbly personality and a happy girl. I wouldn’t say I was much about the girl stuff. I played soccer a lot and hanged with the boys. I was actually a tomboy.

TL: What is it like to be considered a style icon?
MN: It’s flattering to know people see me as a style icon. One never dresses to look good for others but for yourself. My interest in fashion today has had an influence in the way I put pieces together.

TL: Where do you get your greatest style inspiration from?
MN: I like simple style, you know. Less really is more. So I’m inspired by day to day clothing put very stylishly together.

TL: What goes through your mind when you get dressed in the morning?
MN: I generally think about where I’m headed to and about what would be the most appropriate dress code for the occasion and my head browses through my closet to see what I can wear.

TL: You are a master of all trades (modelling, TV, Radio etc.) what role do you enjoy the most?
MN: I can’t really say. All these represent a part of me. I love being on radio and interacting with people on a national platform. Modeling is a career I’m equally passionate about and so is acting. Right now the business has taken most of my time but I still give my other babies love.

TL: What makes a great red carpet outfit?
MN: You know what they say about a girl and the black number. A nice and simple black number will never disappoint. Trust me!

TL: Describe your favourite outfit of all times?
MN: A lot of my black items are my favourites of all time.

TL: What is your favourite trend this season?
MN: I’m not one for trends really, but I’d say I like my Puma Fenty slippers. Very comfy!

TL: The last item of clothing you added to your wardrobe?
MN: A D&G Leopard leather jacket.

TL: What motivated you to have your own clothing line?
MN: Being on so many runways and just attending fashion shows really did seed the thought that birthed my clothing line. I wanted to create my own. I wanted to dress the African woman and today we are dressing people from all over the world.

TL: Which words/phrases do you most overuse?
MN: “Hi”

TL: What’s your pet peeve?
MN: People and time management. I’m never late so this gets to me.

TL: What are you most afraid of?
MN: Reptiles. Basically anything that crawls.

TL: Gym or Yoga?
MN: Gym! I like a hardcore workout.

TL: Heels or Sneakers
MN: Sneakers of course. But heels one cannot do without.

Maria describes style as a very personal thing as it expresses one’s feeling and personality. “You can NOT buy style. Fashion however is what people approve as beautiful like trends, for example.
Most people follow fashion I guess,” she said RIA clothing Namibia will be having its first ever Fashion show in collaboration with Pro Model Africa introducing the new Namibian model to the world with a beautiful new line.
“My birthday is still coming up in October and like every year; we will celebrate with the less fortunate children.


Be good to each other, love Maria.”

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