Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Deon Hotto lives his dream


Over the recent years, he has been the Namibian poster boy of Namibian football. Deon Hotto’s profile has risen after he starred in Namibia’s Cosafa Cup triumph last year.  His scintillating form and footwork on the field made his name synonymous to not only brilliance but ‘hot’. And his recent move to Bloemfontein Celtic bags another escalating move to growth.  Born 29 October 1990 in Swakopmund, Deon Hotto-Kavendji started his footballing career at the SFC Academy in Swakopmund for the U/13-U/17 team. He later joined Swakopmund United and then went back to SFC senior team.  He stayed there for two seasons and later joined Blue boys for a season before being signed by African Stars 2012/2013 where he played for eight months and then landed a contract with Golden Arrows.

Last season, the left-footed winger left Golden Arrows and is now expected at Bloemfontein Celtic to continue doing what he loves most playing football.  The Patriot caught up with the dangling winger to explicate a glimpse of his footballing career and a few moments that reference to the just-ended Castle Cosafa Cup in Windhoek.

Which football star do you look up to?
My role model and the player I look up to is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo better known as CR7. He is just a great inspiration.

Did you ever imagine leaving Golden Arrows?
I have always dreamed big. I’m a dreamer, so yes, I always knew I will eventually leave. I’m not trying to be cocky, no, but I believe with the hard work and the dedication I have been putting in, eventually I would have left Arrows.

What are some of your greatest football moments?
There are a couple of wonderful moments in my footballing career. But if I would pick two, it would be scoring against Nigeria on home soil (it is an overwhelming feeling) and obviously winning the Cosafa Castle Cup last year.

Disappointing moments?
Missing the decisive penalty that cost us the Cosafa Cup this year.

Greatest Brave Warrior moments?
Scoring two goals in last year’s Cosafa Cup Final as well leading Golden Arrows back to the PSL – those are the highlights of my career.

The Cosafa penalty – how did you overcome that moment?
I have to say I have the most wonderful people in my life; family members and a couple of close friends, coaches, teammates as well as fans.
They keep me going and they motivate me irrespective of the situation. But I always try to stay on top of my game and do my best for my country. That’s what motivated me to overcome the missed penalty.

Who is Deon at Bloemfontein Celtic?
Siwelele is a big club with a lot of professionalism and pressure (good pressure) and this is a move I really needed. I needed to up my level and there is no better club I could have joined. It’s a real honour for me having joined them and I’m eager to bring trophies to this club. I will play with full desire to win every single match.

Would you say playing in SA is better than playing for a local club at home?
I believe football all over the world is the same. Back home we lack professionalism. Here in South Africa things are run promptly, everything is organised and things are run like at European/abroad level. You cannot even be a late with 5 minutes. It is just more serious and advanced outside.

What would improve Namibian football?
Financial aid would really up our standards of football in Namibia. So, I urge investors and our government to invest in our football for the better of the game.

If you were Brave Warriors coach, how would you play Deon Hotto?
I believe Ricardo Manetti plays me in a perfect role so I would not temper with how he plays me. He does it perfectly.

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