Saturday 17 April 2021
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Your Social Approach


I recently took a short tour of my Facebook account, inspired by the “Your Memories on Facebook” feature that has been popping up in recent times. There was a picture of me 5 years ago, a young lad in High School, all tucked in and stuff. After a thorough check through, I realised that my approach to socialising has transformed portentously. Those days it was just about using Social Media. I found posts about literally nothing! Pictures that I really wouldn’t repost today as they definitely do not depict my current social setting.
This got me to thinking of how many times we carelessly use social media without realising in whose hands our content could land – your boss, parents, religious leaders even your future spouse(I had to get rid of a few implicating pictures of ex’s, lol).


This is too much power to leave in the hands of whom-ever out there has an interest in you. Given that very few of us adjust the security feature of publicity on our different posts, be it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – name it. Most of the content is really up for grabs to anyone that just comes across your profile. Before every post is published the options exist on which audience should be granted access to your post, we usually ignore this – at least I do. One way to test the privacy of your account is to view it through another persons’ account. While your friend is logged in on theirs, ask them to type in your name and see how much of your information is within the reach of God knows who.
The issues of virtual security and consciousness echo far and wide. Many people have issued reports of how anonymous others have bullied them on social media, only because they clicked that ‘Add Friend’ icon. Others have gone so far as being stalked by people who got their details from their social accounts; phone numbers, email addresses, other synced accounts even home addresses – all up for display on one account.A good majority of employers first check a prospective candidates social media pages to see what kind of person they really are. Are they religious or plain traditional, outgoing or seemingly reserved, are they “some-of-us” or do they respect everyone? All this and more can be found just with a click of a button. We really have to be conscious with the social image we create of ourselves. It speaks more of us than we ever could in a one on one conversation or even on the pages of Curriculum Vitae. In the meantime see you on the Twitter sphere or on my Chat list, be rest assured your boss will be there too. Enjoy.


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