Sunday 18 April 2021
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Swapo acts on AR’s conduct

armas iyambo kambala

…As Amukwiyu defends legality of coordinator’s forum

The ruling party has established a committee led by Dr. Nickey Iyambo to investigate the activities of the Affirmative Reposition movement leaders, a senior party member has revealed. The forum’s chairperson who also serves as the party’s coordinator for Oshikoto Region Armas Amukwiyu, who also forms part of the party’s central committee, yesterday confirmed to this publication that a committee consisting of Swapo central committee is currently busy looking into the actions of the AR leadership. “The central committee has created a committee to call these[AR] guys to order. They are busy formulating the terms of reference. The committee was particularly created to call them to order,” revealed Amukwiyu. He said the Iyambo-led committee will soon finalise its report and present it to the party leadership.

One of the AR founders, George Kambala confirmed that they are aware of the committee, but questioned Amuwiyu’s comments that the committee was established to look into the conduct of AR. “No no no…The terms that are publicly known is that this is a matter of sitting with us on issues associated to the party,” said Kambala. Asked why the forum is talking on behalf of the party despite it not being a constitutional body of the party, Amukwiyu said: “Whoever is calling it a forum, it is their own terminology, ours is a Swapo regional coordinators and secretary general working session.” From the infamous ‘Top Four’, the Swapo Party regional coordinators forum is the latest party structure to come under fire for its existence-despite not being a party constitutional body. While the forum is ostensibly a body which represents the interests of the party in the regions, it has now become a bone of contention with some party members calling on the party secretariat to take disciplinary action against the forum members for forming structure not prescribed by the party constitution.

Amukwiyu further said: “Regional coordinators are an extension of the secretary general’s office. We are the extension in the region, we can meet anytime and discuss party affairs.” He further noted that there are only pockets of AR activities in the regions, adding that the main challenges are in Khomas and Oshana regions respectively. “We urge all loyal Swapo members to get out of AR. Everything that this group has been doing is contrary to aims and objectives as well as policy position of our mighty Swapo,” said Amukwiyu. Amukwiyu stressed that, there cannot be another party within Swapo.
His remarks brings to the fore long held views by Swapo leaders that AR’s days as a political party are not far. The AR was formed late 2014 to urge the government to provide land for Namibians. It also recently mobilised people to demonstrate against plans to construct a new parliament building for over N$2 billion.

The civil movement is spearheaded by members from the party’s youth wing. He noted that a member of the party has to be of exemplary conduct in a spirit of comradeship towards other members of the party, contribute to the strengthening of the organic unity of the party and to the political consciousness of its rank and file to oppose factionalism and defend the party, and to be sincere and honest. Amukwiyu stressed that the AR is not a structure of the Swapo party and has its own separate agenda and programme. As regional coordinators we cannot remain silent to buy favour with anyone attacking Swapo, its leadership and membership, he said. “Coordinators are part of the structures of the party and are in charge of making decisions such as to remove party members who do not adhere to the code of conduct of the party.

“If you look at the Swapo-party Constitution, we are in charge of the party affairs in the regions. Whatever we do, we do it in line with the party’s constitution,” he said.

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