Friday 23 April 2021
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Priscilla offers fresh talent with ‘Juicy’

In an industry that is fast growing and almost anybody who owns a laptop and an app to tune their voice claims to be an artist, a very few make their presence felt. The industry has seen many struggle and fade away with their talents only know to their backroom studios. Priscilla’s debut offering is beyond par and one calculated package. The songstress made sure her first album carries a tone loud enough to prove her arrival and carries a message that she is no ordinary artist.  The album touches on the day-to-day issues that people are faced to deal with in life. There is a lot of cultural blend in the songs which are so subtle that you might not hear it on the first line. However, it really opens the album out, enriching it with a deep sense of shared experiences and memories.

‘African Mamma’ is a catchy song that encourages women to take pride in their bodies and dance it out and not shy away from the spot light. This song will make the listeners appreciate the beauty and strength uniquely possessed by African women. It is always refreshing to hear an artist that is not afraid to explore and be different from other musicians. ‘Emperor’ is a love jam that talks about a lover who is away and how he is missed as he is everything that she desires. Listening to Emperor you hear a well-articulated rhythm that speaks directly to a soulmate. Her voice is deep, dark, delightful and the message behind cements everything.

‘I love you’ is a song that encourages people to love and build a future together. It is a song that will educate you on how to acknowledge the existence of unconditional love in the world. The song inspires people to look past the hurt and fall in love. The song is complimented by another slow jam ‘Love lives here’. The song inspires lovers to support each other as they are growing and developing. Listeners will appreciate this song as it caresses the heart and speaks to the soul through its sweet melody.  Pure talent continues with ‘Song for Mama’ – a song dedicated to all mothers as it talks about the importance of a mother in one’s life and how in complete one’s life can be without a mother. It has a beautiful melody that commemorates the work of all mothers in raising their children.

The above mentioned tracks are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much worth listening to and putting the 10 track album on repeat.  Lovers of good music are invited to the launching of the debut album ‘Juicy’ at the Warehouse Theatre on Monday 11, July at 19h30. The launch includes super Song Night performances as well as a saucy Suba show all the way from Angola.  The Namibian Dessert Queen will share succulent stories while staying true to her confident and spicy hot sound. Tickets cost N$100 for VIP (includes CD) and normal tickets N$50 (excludes CD) or bring a memory stick to purchase single tracks for N$20 each.

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