Monday 12 April 2021
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Keep Calm i am Selma

I grew up believing that patience was a virtue although I never really understood why.
I would say I am a patient person but sometimes patience makes me feel like I am missing out on my desires and would rather become the hare in the race and would fast track myself through opportunities and even relationships for fear that I would be forgotten and miss out again. FOMO, not quite. But in the story, it is tortoise that wins the race because he is constant and sure-footed.
With all my “hurry up” and haring around I may have seemed to the outside world to be go-getting which seem so valuable in our materialistic world but because I was so busy rushing my life, I realised that I am actually missing out on my life.
Almost every philosopher, every iconic and every self-help guru tell us that patience is a virtue and life is meant to be lived one step at a time.
Personal growth is not meant to be easy. It’s also not meant to be quick or immediate. It is something that one has to work on day in day out. Just like nurturing a great relationship or cultivating a friendship, it takes time to find your way towards a goal and navigate your way to success and this is perfectly okay.
It is okay to be slow. It is okay to take your time on certain things. It is okay to fall behind the curve sometimes.
Rather than rushing it will be good that we subject ourselves to obscene standards or pursue certain results at the expense of everything else, just to take our times to figure things out and work on being the best we can be at our own pace and time, while not being complacent about things.
The sad truth is that things will not always work out as we desire even after you have done all you can, crossed all the Ts and dotted all the Is, life sometimes has a way of dealing you the wrong cards. There are those special moments when everything just goes wrong for no reason.
But it is also worth remembering that winter will always give way to spring and night will eventually turn into day. Harvest time always follows planting, weeding, thinning and fertilizing. Whatever you lose, no matter how harrowing it is do not lose hope. In some cases, you may have to cry, you may have bout of anger and hopelessness, but when it’s over, dust yourself off and get philosophical about your situation.
It is often said that timing is everything and I believe that it is true. Everything happens when it is supposed to and often we don’t know why.
All we have to do is to ensure that we are all set. We all have hopes and desires that we would like to see become a reality, but we ought not to take it to too far and try to dictate when things should happen.
Unfortunately that is not how life works. You just need to have hope as it is the tonic of the soul and an anchor to the spirit as well as an umbilical cord that connects you to your desirable future.
Until then, keep calm and live life one step at a time…


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