Saturday 17 April 2021
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Gain to lose? No! Lose to gain

The feeling that comes after you fail at something. Gosh it’s terrible. In most cases, the person will end up having time to think about all the unexplainable failures they’ve had in the past. Yes, everybody does. When you don’t make that first impression that you always think to make.

When you choose beer instead of juice without realising that your mentor is watching. Even when you make a big “Aaahchu” at the table on your first date.  It all gives you those creepy self-esteem brakers you wish never existed. No way. Peek deeper. When we lose something instead concentrating on the side where you will probably suffer a lot, you should stop to think on how you might possibly benefit from your loss. Not that I’m saying you should be happy or not admitting that it hurts. But to be realistic some good things happen only after bad ones do.

I lost my phone. My smart phone. My first smartphone and it wasn’t deliberate. Did it hurt? Yes it did. It very much did. More especially, since I remembered how often I was told to handle it with care. And I always said I will, and did. But surprisingly after moments, I realised that I wasn’t worried about the bloody phone at all. Of course I didn’t like the fact that my social life would be cut, no more tweets, and I live without my gallery. But in my own world, I was just carefree. I got angry at myself. But later just took moments to realise it wouldn’t help being angry.

But I also stopped to think that we all lose to gain (some people might think it the other way around). Think about weight loss-you loose weight to get self esteem. I think we all lose good  to gain best (some might still take it to be the other way around), and that for everything happening to you that you don’t like or that doesn’t make you so happy. You should pick a positive out of it and let it help you be better or feel better about yourself. Talk about a blessing in disguise.

Maybe I wanted to be that girl who seemed to have better things to do than spending hours putting lame posts on social media pages. Wanted to be so, so badly, but this phone was always stuck in my hands, with all those apps in it. I could still do without it…….

Differently, maybe you wanted to be outgoing and entertaining – take a dancer for example. But you were too into the thought that your boy/girlfriend would get furious with jealousy. You could still do without him/her.

Maybe you wanted, better yet needed more time to study. But you didn’t want to lose the ‘cool’ title when you don’t hang out with the squad after classes, or till late. You could still do without them.

Break free. When one door closes, another one is sure to open. But only if you make peace with it and let go of the handle of the closing door. There should be a reason why what happened happened, or why what hadn’t happened had not happened.
Before I put a full stop, I wish to tell you that I have an iPhone now. God probably had that plan for me long ago.

The best just got better.Let’s learn to accept things as they are and live each day exactly as it comes.

Stay carefree.

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