Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Wake up little chick on the side


Often when I write I get questions whether the character in writing is that of the true me or is it just a face for the paper.  Those in the know will tell you that there is indeed a thin line, but the existence of such line is indicative that there are two sides. Today the character on paper needs some help and perhaps a clear understanding of issues that cloud my outlook on some women. Before I call people intellectually bankrupt or blatantly stupid, I would like you get the sum to some people’s haphazard lifestyle. I very well know that we have room for confused people in society where those with the “disability” have the space and freedom to be as such but the recruitment process is what raises concern.

I want to reach an understanding how some of you have resorted to babe, chick – sometimes on the side and all the names you have been baptised by the male species that portray you nothing more than just a delectable. If there is one thing that some women get right in this blessed society I should say it is their ability to dream. Their dreams are a world where their Mr Perfect is the ruler of all feelings, a blesser who has all this pastor characteristics and that of Jesus. Their world has zero requirements to a good life. Do you know how you get to see this – a grade 10 failure girl with zero certificate besides her Home Affairs card, but dreams of becoming the next Education minister. Her life starts on Facebook and ends just with another post of how God is so good and she awaits her blessings.

Now that is what I love about the ideology about dreaming. It is a space in life that allows everyone to have everything they want because someone told them ‘nothing is impossible.’ Mara the problem comes in when many of you start walking your dreams after wake. The line that differentiates real life and dreams is that dreams are free, even idiots can dream, but the journey and reality is costly. I know of a few stupid and confused people who originate from the women species. Not to sound sexist, I know of an equal number of disturbed men who society need to castrate since circumcision has failed to transform them from boys to men. Girls are called chicks, babe and every little beautiful thing you will find under a horny sun. Parallel to walking dreams, they have succumbed to the belittlement that comes with their calling.
Not your given talent of dreaming, but your inability to think is a disability and a di#k riser. It makes scr%wing you so easy and making you believe you can still be who you want to be – just like in your dreams.

The fact that you allow to be called a chick is because chicks are little things with heads devoid of any thinking ability. They follow any beak with seeds and at times fed in the mouth because they are chicks and they cannot feed for themselves. They also have no feathers so that takes away their ability to be independent. Again, your featherless dreams are coming out. That’s why it is so easy to be called a side chick because all you get is the bones – just like a side dish that you agreed to be. For reasons of your determined position, you will forever see things from the side and maybe, just maybe, you will be used for dessert. Such is your life. You are as small as the position you occupy. You are the hand needed but your absence is not such an issue. And again, depending on the volume in the main dish, the consumer can choose to have more than one side dish. That is now you and the rest of the confused chicks.

I went to my pastor this weekend and he told me I should share this on his behalf. He is tired of telling you that life will be better. Because the bible that wants him to be good and holy, he will continue telling you to dream and wait for good things to come. He said he does not have the balls to tell you that the same rib you came from will cost you your purity in the wake from dreamland. Again, I am not the guy who decides who will be unwise but I think some of you should stop volunteering to be stupid. That ward has so many people so wake up and make a U-turn. I will be waiting.

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