Tuesday 18 May 2021
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“My car is my signature…”

The choice of purchasing a car means your days of walking are over. No longer a pedestrian to that of driving one’s status vehicle. When buying a car, decisions are made in line with personal values, safety and meeting that inner need of self-actualisation.  Normally a young person will  finish school and upon finding suitable employment will seek to get the best whip money can buy. This is typical of the young architect Toivo Kapuka Nuugulu. Since last year, Toivo has not only been turning the wheels of his choice but he has been coasting in the comfort of his dream car.  Owning his metallic blue Mercedes Benz AMG C63 S was more than just a possession for Toivo, but rather a dream come true. “It has been a long time coming. It has always been my dream car growing up. I used to visit car dealerships just for inspiration. It is more of a goal to have. My favourite colour is blue and the metallic blue just speaks to something I like. It changes according to the weather.”

Toivo built his beast to his personal taste. He started off by giving it a presidential tint at the back. Upon entering this vehicle, one may imagine that you have just entered the first class suite of a upmarket hotel. Spacious with an interior offering a look more than just that of a car. The beast has been dressed with tan leather sports seats for the grabbing and for making handling a giveaway. An additional laminated glossy wood to give a classy look has been added to the doors.  The 4.0 l turbo engine has been given and advantage driver’s package. As opposed to going up to a speed of 280, the angry looking beast’s clock can now beat a speed over 300.  The Mercedes-AMG C63 S is brilliantly quick, surprisingly comfortable and with a base excellent value. It’s obviously as fast as a bullet-train with an official 0-100km/h time of 4.0 seconds. The 63 S is always eager and willing, right from idle up to the bellowing redline. It’s simply a car that shows driving can still be fun.

Thinking deeply, Toivo remembers his collection of Auto Trader magazines stacked in his room and remembers this as the beginning of the great love affair he has with cars. The astute professional says the car’s look has more significance to him than its appearance.  “It means business. Money attracts money so business people take you seriously when you approach them. It is a business magnet and has made things easier for me. Because it is so attractive and appealing, people even greet you because of it. It is my network tool.” So how do you decide to buy this with a price tag of N$ 1.2 m?   With many factors to consider when one purchases a car, Toivo shares his checklist. “Do I really like the car? Is it tied to my dreams, will I really enjoy it? I also want to look into the value and status. The reason why I love my car is because its looks like me and it speaks about who I am.”

Toivo shared his obsession for sport cars saying they bring out his character more to the open. “I simply love sports cars. They bring that thrill when you drive and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is my signature and it looks like me, said the architect. The C63 S has a style to love, with just the right amount of menace, and the way it drives, he concludes.”

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