Friday 18 June 2021
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The Future rests with us


‘The future is yours’! As much as this is a cliché, it is the sound of the future truly belonging to us; the millenials, generation Y and the so called born frees. Thinking of an old African proverb that proclaims that “it is the young trees that make up the forest”, I take a look at the present context of our country and conclude that the future of Namibia lies in the palm of our hands and we surely have the potential to shape it. In fact it has already started, institutions have been locked down, masses have demonstrated for land allocation and activism has gotten to another level. Today I choose to salute the youth who chose to take a stand on corruption and those who focus on the self instead of the masses living in poverty. I choose to take my hat off to those who held their heads high, spoke up for tuition fees increment and land allocation to the landless. I choose to applaud those who chose to change the status quo.
Indeed, Namibia will not rise unless young people get involved and have a say on issues that could possibly hinder the progression of our development. The late Chinua Achebe had said it, “until lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”

Therefore, let us create our own history because an account of what we do now matters. It matters much – if we dare not challenge the status quo, these events will be a distant memory for the coming generations. Let the history books speak for us and tell the story of our contribution to the next generation. They in turn will have to create their own history and achieve for themselves to appear in the story of the greatest Namibians who ever lived. If our history gets written correctly, it will tell the narrative of youths who refused to let Namibia run from her promise of justice and equality. A generation that used every aweful tragedy, every conflicting decision and every chance it got to herald a truth that it knows deep within its bones and a generation that made an impact that forever changed the lives of the masses for the better. Dear youth, this is our era and nothing ought to go wrong right under our noses. It, however, takes determined people, humbled by the challenges yet inspired by the possibilities and opportunities to rise to the occasion and turn these opportunities into tangible realities for the collective benefit of all.

Like never before, this is our time and there is no excuse to miss this moment. We shall continue pulling down incessant decisions and speak up when issues that threaten peace, harmony and the struggle for equality arise. Let us commit to one common goal without letting apathy take its toll on us. May we all pull together as a generation with a common vision, in the spirit of Harambee. I shall remain hopeful about our country’s future… Amandla to the youth!

I am Selma and together, we can do it!


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