Wednesday 12 May 2021
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My first love


The day my mother passed on, I had to become Daddy’s Little Girl. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy… Thank you so much. A father’s love, oh how sweet! Yes! I really mean sweet. It is now time for a paradigm shift. We often think of a mother’s love in colorful, warm, and tender terms, but we are reluctant to do the same for fathers. But, this was not God’s intent. It was God’s design for a father’s love to complement a mother’s love. The original plan was that both parents would creatively weave their different ways of loving into a tapestry of knitted emotions, verbal expressions, affectionate displays, and intellectual harmony. There would be no competition, nor lack of love from either side. This type of loving would create a family chemistry that would ride through the roughest storms and sail over the darkest clouds.

My Daddy is not just a teacher, but a father to many. He counseled me through everything from Afrikaans homework in primary school to career choices as a young adult. He always expected that I do my best in whatever I did and he believed I could succeed in anything I put my mind to. As a result, I learned to hold myself to those same standards. He always shows me unconditional love, which helped me learn to love myself. When it comes to big decisions in my life, support is never an issue and when I have to pick up the phone to ask for anything, to answer was never a problem. The word ‘NO’ was and still is a foreign language to me.

My dad is a living picture of godliness, honesty, integrity, and responsibility. It wasn’t until after talking with one of my soul sisters that I realised the reason that I have looked for these traits in relationships is because those were the traits lived out before me through my childhood. Unfortunately, many of my friends had no such role models. It was only recently that I realised what a profound effect fathers have on their daughters’ lives. That is why I want to thank my dad for the example of love that he has been to me throughout my life. As I’ve been reflecting on the influential role that my father has played in my life, I’m reminded that I need to take a moment and thank my Heavenly Father as well. God is the one who gave my father the strength, wisdom, and patience to be the mentor that I needed. Dear daddies, from my experience as a daughter, I think it is important to consider the role that you play. Your daughters are forming views of themselves based on how you relate to them and your sons are watching you to learn how to act as a man. Today, my life and my relationship with many are proof of the power of a father’s love.

To my first love, Daddy!

Your daughter.

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