Wednesday 12 May 2021
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International Bazaar brings the World to Windhoek

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Over the past weekend the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC) was a hive of international activities. For the sixth consecutive year, FNCC in cooperation with the Association of Diplomatic Spouses (ADS) held the International Food and Craft Bazaar themed ‘Travel without leaving town.’
The Association of Diplomatic Spouses provides an opportunity for the diplomatic community to collectively support Namibia and allow them to work together under one roof. The bazaar brings a ‘unique come together’ of the diplomatic community to celebrate different cuisines and cultures. The international open market for charity causes was a melting pot of diverse cultures where people from all walks of life got the chance to mingle. Embassies and diplomatic missions in Namibia presented exquisite culinary specialities, unique arts and crafts souvenirs from their countries, together with performers from all around the world.
The embassies that partook are Portugal, Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Spain, Malaysia, China, Cuba, Angola, France, American Corner, India, Russia, Algeria and Indonesia of which Russia, Japan and the American corner participated for the first time. There were also five Namibian crafters who sold their crafts.
The embassies sold food, drinks and crafts from their countries. As the crowd explored the crafts and an enormous variety of cuisine, it was also in for entertainment by both local and international performers.
The event was fun filled with so many people in attendance with great energy. There was an array of food to munch on, from the creamy Angolan Palm oil beans, Nigerian Jollof rice, Venezuelan cake to the crunchy Kenyan Chapati to mention a few – a definitely way of exploring the entire world just by going to Franco.
“This year we had new features for children such as Jumping castles, a children’s movie, a drawing corner as well as an international children’s passport with fun activities related to the participating countries,” explained Nihad Tarhuni, the president of the Association of Diplomatic Spouses.
Tarhuni added that the money made by the embassies will be donated to the ADS charity events and all proceeds from this year’s event are to be donated to initiatives that address mental health needs and educational projects. “We are so grateful for the support,” she exclaimed.
The Association of Diplomatic Spouses in Namibia was established in 1990 subsequent to Namibia’s independence as a way of supporting vulnerable groups. The ADS assist the disadvantaged people of Namibia with focus mainly towards vulnerable individuals and groups, mainly women and children. The aim is to bring plight to the forefront of the fundraising activities with the hope of improving their lives so that they could be empowered and become self-reliant.

Selma Shiwaya

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