Tuesday 18 May 2021
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When emotions take over


Today, I am really just writing this with so much emotion in my heart. An emotion that stirs every feeling within me and that I absolutely have no control over.
Yet, I cannot believe how I have become a slave to my emotions – an obedient slave that is. Is it not true that how we feel at a moment often shapes the way we perceive the quality of our life.
Just ask someone who is feeling stressful about her or his quality of life and you are likely to get an answer that is weighed down by their heavy emotion. But ask them again after they received a promotion, you will get a completely different answer.
If emotions play such an important role in our lives, shouldn’t we learn to live at peace with them? Instead of being constantly driven left and right by our moods, can’t we just let it be and actually be understood for being human? Some feel differently, some feel strongly and some are believed to not express themselves at all but is that not who they are?
When we label our feelings as good or bad, we create the tendency to hold on to our pleasant feelings, while at the same time develop the compulsion to resist the unpleasant ones. But emotions and feelings by themselves are harmless. Every feeling tries to tell us something that we need to deal with or something that we need to know about ourselves.
That is why I simply cannot ignore my feelings and from now on I have to treat all my emotions as equals, no matter how much I like or dislike some of them. To me, my emotions are like a messenger. Some messages may quicken my heart beat, while some may slow it down. Some will make me feel heavy, while some make me feel as light as a feather. No matter how it feels, when the job is done, the messenger will eventually go away. Right?
But what happens when the messenger knocks and there is no answer? The ever responsible messenger will try again, again and again until it gets an answer. Same goes with our emotions. You will find yourself getting worked up, depressed, or fearful over similar issues when you fail to face up to them at that moment.
Look, the only person who can change what you and how you feel is you. A new relationship, a new house, a new car, a new job, these things can momentarily distract you from your real feelings, but no other person, no material possession, no activity can remove, release, or change how you feel by embracing it.
Dear reader, it is extremely important to embrace whatever you feel. Do not let anyone or anything keep you from expressing what you feel and try to stay centered in the grip of strong emotions and use them to deepen the understanding of yourself.
Let it out and let it be.

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