Monday 14 June 2021
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‘Not’ a good Namibian Girl


I am a Namibian girl and apparently to be good I ought to be insecure, follow trends, fit in and live up to society’s expectations.
But I choose to be a “bad” Namibian girl who does not entertain whatever it is that society finds right.
I am a Namibian girl who is very bad at fashion but good at style because it should be about me and not us.
Being Namibian also means that I grew up in a country where I’ve heard ‘no’ a lot of times. NO, you cannot be that way. NO, you cannot dress that way. NO, you cannot look like that. NO, you should have this. NO left, right and centre. You get the drift. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t always expect yays but the nays are just beyond measure.
But like any other non-ambitious Namibian, I do exactly the opposite. Whenever society says ‘no’ to something I make it my personal mission in life to do just that. Why? Because I dare to be different. I cannot be told to look like that, then go on and be like that.
It’s so sad how one is expected to buy into everything that comes. When society says on fleek, you too should have it on fleek. When it’s All Star season, you too should have a pair. Hellor, people are speaking about Las Vegas, why haven’t you been there? Mane, can I not just do things my way?
It is the very world around us that tells us that what we want and are attracted to is WRONG, and frowned upon and sometimes not even accepted literally. Our society has become so stereotypical, it’s painting names on people’s faces and placing people into categories. If you don’t wear this, you belong there. If you don’t act this way you are a Gweri, Boemie and all that society wishes to name you. You’re weird, they say.
For once can society just accept us for the humans we are? Not the human they wish us to be, or the human they want us to pretend to be. Can we just be different and set an example for the other millions who are JUST LIKE US, but have nearly everything going against them. I refuse to accept all that the society has to offer, and all that it has created holding us who dare to be different hostage. Accept who people are, and not who you wish them to be. After all I am made in God’s image, not yours. I’m sorry this is me and this is the best I can be just live with it.
I’m a “bad” Namibian girl with the strength, determination, and bravery to stand up to the entire world and say you know what? This is me and I dare to go outside the lines and cross into an unprotected territory. I dare to be myself, and love myself for who I am. Take it or leave it, finish and klaar!
This is Selma…


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