Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Grow up Tate – we have enough children

I have been reliably informed that I’ve not been so kind to my sisters with brutal words towards their fallacy world. You will be pardoned today because I want to have a quiet conversation with my brothers. I know many of you will never agree with me but that is what I like most. I will never be your friend to start with because everyone will be on the receiving end of brutal bulls#!%ing. You know, just because I am different, I would rather be in a room with people who disagree with me for a year than be with idiots who clap hands and agree to everything I say for a two hours. I think it’s my fundamental right to be different but yours is a disability to agree to everything on earth.
Part of being grown up and living in a [email protected]#%d-up country is that you will be upset now and then. I know it is none of my business but it pokes my rectum with displeasure that we have men who just do not want to grow.
To start with, today’s ‘men’ (we have to qualify that) are wearing children’s clothes. They are in their thirties wearing shirts dressed absurdly and senseless remarks such as ‘Nobody is perfect – I am nobody’ or ‘I am hot’ and all other remarks that have fokol relationship with the body wearing this cheap windscreen-value cloth shirt.
And to make it worse, they even hang around together but they are not romantically involved. It’s more like their comfort each other’s stunted maturity and stupidity. They still play video games and then hit the streets acting like real men to our equally blind sisters. They treat them like b!%@‪#‎es‬ and side chicks because the idiots got the memo that women came from their sides. Typical slave master. You are the 2016 version of Sodom and Gomora and everything, yes even the devil will refuse to have any level of association with you.
I miss the time when men were really men. I know there was a time when women were men but they worked the confusion out but I don’t think today’s men got the memo. As a result, women are having a hard time getting real men as you all are playstations. Without shame, you have stopped celebrating your birthday the last time you turned 32 but you are still going for grade 10 toddlers. And you call yourself a man. An abortion before independence would have done you good.
I know it’s not easy being a man but that does not mean you should postpone your manhood and substitute it with childhood. We have enough unplanned babies including the ones you have forced your teenage side chick to abort. And do not get me ‘twisted’ as eshenge would say, this is not about your age. We know you are in denial with your ID figures but all I want you to realise is that society needs the abstract balls and role models – you are distances away from that.
This conversation will never expire until you act your age and leave the playing to the kids. I know its winter and your relationship with water is in limbo now but kindly resist from touching kids because what you need is a blanket.
Personally, I am tired of the uncles who know when I get paid only to ask then to exercise eWallet favours. I am tired of my friend who has [email protected] aspirations to get a job but invests all his time in looking good and waiting for me to buy xthem beer. I am tired of supporting my sister’s baby because the sperm donor is busy screwing other blind girls and has no penny to afford his next Swankie roll-on. I am tired of all you men who refuse to fill the fridge but without shame fill the counter. I am done. I am unable to can. If there is something I would ever question God about it would be the misplacement of some balls. You surely do not deserve them. Chivalry is dead, and it is not women who killed it. Parents, stop feeding your daughter because all you are doing is making them fatter. How about you teach and make them [email protected]#%able because the streets have ‘men’ on the loose and you could be raising another man’s daughter anytime soon.
Going forward, we are doomed in this underdressed society. We will not forgive the old ones for heading in the direction for their sleepy pipis, but we will surely question those of you with boys soon to be men. Shape them in the right way.
Dear sister, take it from me in conclusion. If your so called ‘blesser’ or ‘Mr. Best of Both Worlds’ takes you to a guesthouse or his friend’s room to hit that pu^a^i, that idiot is no real man and will never own a house or a bed to start with.
This is not directed to any person so no need to harvest feelings here. Rather man up and be counted in the few men we have around.
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