Monday 14 June 2021
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Managing NATIS queues


Most driving license holders have experienced the frustration of standing in long queues at National Traffic Information System(NATIS), but as from next year queues will be a thing of the past.
The country’s Roads Authority plans to introduce an online system at all centres countrywide as from 2017 to make the process easier.
The public has in recent years complained over the cumbersome process when booking for a test to acquire their learners license or to book for a driving test. The online system was mooted years back but never came to a realisation, despite many seeing it as the panacea to ensure provision of a new system that will provide a faster and convenient way to write the learners examination.
Even though there has been strict improvement on the procedure, many said that it would be a brilliant idea to incorporate the system so they can register and write the exam without having to go to the NATIS offices.
“The online system will soon be a reality as we are waiting for the Ministry to approve our idea. Currently, we are pushing for this to happen as from next year in order to reach a much more easier and effective way to allow the public to write their exams.
There are no fees established yet, but we will avail every detail once the system is up and running,” said a senior official at NATIS, Melda Kurangera. Kurangera said the system will work through an application that will instruct the public how to go about registration, payment and writing the test. “The examination results will also be provided after the writer has completed the multiple choice online questionnaire,” she said.
Vehicle owners in Windhoek are dissatisfied over the long queues at the National Traffic Information System (NaTIS) where they want to have their cars tested for roadworthiness.
Roads Authority, in 2012 already, started the process to have the written learner’s licence testing method introduced at all testing stations country-wide. At the time, RA said the written tests for learner’s licences have proven so popular that a surge of applications have been received.
Before the introduction of written tests, only 40-45 applicants could be accommodated per day, after its introduction that number increased to 168 applicants tested per day.
Other initiatives aimed at improving service at the Namibia Traffic Information System (NaTIS) Valley, are the opening of additional testing stations, which would ease some of the pressure put on services here by people flocking to the testing station from elsewhere in the country.

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