Monday 14 June 2021
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The Parliament building no one wants




It is clear to see that the only time politicians and the electorate agree on the same thing is during elections.

The two groupings are heavily divided over the plan to spend N$2 billion on a new parliament building, so much that youth patronized by the Affirmative Repositioning decided to set aside 16 June 2016 to demonstrate against the planned construction.

“All Activists are therefore called to action. They must speak to their families, communities, towns, villages, regions and ensure that on June 16 we stand together and say; New Parliament, NOT IN OUR NAME.’’ the activists said.

According to the group the, on June 16, the youth will petition the the Speaker of the National Assembly.

It is in accordance with relevant laws of the state that we wish to influence the state in redirecting the intended N$2 billion to construct the new Parliament building.

During a press conference held in Windhoek on Tuesday, AR officially announced that the June 16 Mass Action The forum in applying its mind on how to oppose the plan.

AR’s Activist and Coordinators Forum at Copper Guest House in Tsumeb last Saturday was derailed when the Namibian Police               intervened.

“The Forum was initially scheduled to take place at Old Theatre before the Namibian Police and semi-literate politicians came to disrupt the preparations. Despite the evil attempts to sabotage our forum, we managed to successfully host our forum,” AR said.

AR said its lawyers already submitted letters demand to the     Namibian police and the Old Theatre to cater for the additional costs it incurred as a movement and also as individual activists.

The group claims to have also launched a complaint with the Ombudsman, in line with the Ombudsman Act of 1990, on the abuse of power by Anne-Marrie Nainda. Coordinators of the Forum resolved that Coordinators must take their roles seriously and coordinate their activities with a newly employed AR Administrator. Coordinators must align the activities in the region in line with the national efforts as provided for by the 24 July 2015 and the 11 April 2016 agreements.

The activists however maintained that they not part of any land occupations that took place and those that will be taking place. ‘’We will, however, be engaging and persuading community members to be part of government and AR efforts.

The Forum resolved that it will now be compulsory for AR Coordinators to attend all public town council meetings.

“There should be monthly AR meetings to brief the youth and the landless on the progress being made. This plan is long overdue and will have a concise way forward in the practical implementation and the realization of the 200 000 plots,” it said.

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